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Rural Management Diary

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Apparently, our digital life is actually changing our brain wiring making our attention span shorter and our memories less reliable. Scary, really! This is just one reason why a physical diary still has a place in this fast-paced technological world (read this blog for more tips to get more out of your planner).

The Rural Management Diary is specialised for those that work the land. Made of soft-touch padded green PU material it has a classy yet earthy feel. The features of the rural diary are:

  • Breeding Information
  • Inventory records
  • Rainfall chart
  • Breeding and reproduction records
  • Monthly expense records
  • Annual expense summaries
  • First aid information
  • Australian and New Zealand public holidays and school terms
  • Various measurement conversion guides
  • Identification record 

We can custom brand the Rural Management Diary with pad printing or embossing. As a promotional product they have a long tail year-long brand exposure. We find that recipients often refer to the diary by the brand on the front, ie where is my BrandX diary.

Be aware, diaries are bought in one large shipment and sell out fast, often by mid Spring, so get in early and reserve yours now.

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