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Merino Coporate Clohting

We have many options available in clothing today including cotton, poly/cotton, soft-shell material, wool, acrylic and cool dry materials.

4Promote Promotional Merino Wool Scarf and Beanie
Merino Wool Scarf and Beanie

One clothing material which is at the higher end of the spectrum is Merino wool. Used in clothing, Merino offers some unique qualities.

It is incredibly warm, breathable and buffers changes in the micro-climate to maintain body temperature. It’s hydrophilic nature means that it absorbs moisture better than most apparel materials making it ideal for moving sweat off the body and into the atmosphere.

Merino wool also has good safety factors, with a UPF protection rating of 40+ along with being naturally resistant against high temperatures and doesn’t really catch fire. Being an entirely natural fibre makes this a sustainable material that is biodegradable.

And let’s not forget that with promotional apparel, we get great marketing value when they get worn over and over again. So whether it is for corporate uniforms or customer appreciation, Merino wool has the huge advantage that is is one of the most comfortable materials to wear.

merino wool promotional apparel corporate uniforms
Merino Wool Knitwear

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Merino Zip Pullover
Merino Polo
Women’s Merino Crossover Jumper
Agri Station Merino Jumper
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