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How Do Healthcare Promotional Items Help Grow a Business or Practice?

The concept of promotional items for healthcare practitioners or businesses may seem unfeasible. After all, clients typically seek out services or products in the healthcare area because of a need more than a want. This is not something that traditional marketing looks at, but is instead focused on catching the eye of a potential client […]

Bottle up for a World Cup

For the 200 FIFA World Cup of the Brazilian soccer team uniform was made of recycled plastic bottles – about 8 bottles per jersey. The plastic bottles retrieved from landfills in Japan and Taiwan. After being melted down they were turned into yarn to produce the materials. By using recycled PET bottles, Nike reduced their […]

Beyond Stubby Coolers – Growlers

Stubby Coolers have long been a promotional product favourite due to their cost effectiveness and broad spectrum appeal. Now there are options for the keen beer lover. Beer Growler’s have been growing in popularity over recent years and are now available from the promotional products industry to promote your brand. 1.8 Litre Beer Growler These […]