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Promo Sand Timers


Living on the driest continent on Earth, Australian’s are always looking at ways for conserving water. These sand timers are handy little promotional product that your clients can use every day – we love the branding repetition on these! There are a few options available, with 3, 4 and 5-minute sand timers amongst the most […]

Bamboo Alfresco Table with Wine Holders

This foldable table makes for a great outdoors promotion. Made of environmentally friendly bamboo, this alfresco table has two integrated wine glass holders. The Tavolo Table will work well in gift for purchase campaigns and for client and staff gifts. An ideal gift for executive gifts and the real estate and wine industries.  

How to make your Brand good on the Nose

Marketing is more effective when we evoke strong senses, and the olfactory senses (smell), are amongst the strongest. Through a variety of pleasant scents, these custom branded Reed Diffusers take advantage of this to create awareness for your brand. Reed diffusers are flame free and require no power source, unlike candles which also create heat […]