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Double Walled Coffee Cup with Full Colour Printing

Reuseable Coffee Cups

Custom branded coffee cups are a popular promotional item due to their daily use, ie brand exposure, and the association with being eco-friendly in the war against paper cups. These ceramic cups have a double wall for keeping drinks hotter, longer. They have a volume of 350ml. These ceramic cups have the additional benefit of […]

Merino – The Eco Clothing

Merino Coporate Clohting

We have many options available in clothing today including cotton, poly/cotton, soft-shell material, wool, acrylic and cool dry materials. One clothing material which is at the higher end of the spectrum is Merino wool. Used in clothing, Merino offers some unique qualities. It is incredibly warm, breathable and buffers changes in the micro-climate to maintain body temperature. It’s hydrophilic nature means that it absorbs moisture […]