Are hackers using your webcam to watch you?

4promote-Special-Offer-Promotional-Webcam-CoversWhenever you are using devices with a built in camera, there is a risk that someone is secretly spying on you!

Don’t take the risk! Install a webcam cover.

The Webcam cover slide, provides the ultimate privacy protection against Webcam hackers, while offering a high impression branding area.

Simply peel off the rear liner and apply it to the camera on your electronic device. Our Webcam covers keeps YOUR BRAND FRONT AND CENTRE while providing ultimate protection.

Webcam covers are great for tradeshow giveaways, direct mail, a corporate gift or a brand building call to action. Not only is the Webcam branded but the backing instruction card can be fully customised.

Decoration: Full colour print
Qty: 100
Price: $3.17 each + GST
Does not include freight and GST.
Custom packaging available – contact us for more information.

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