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Wow your customers with The Maui Jim Experience

Today more than ever, people are seeking to immerse themselves in genuine, sensory explorations rooted in emotion. Studies tell us authentic experiences over simple gifts create vivid memories and forge long-lasting connections.

Nearly two decades ago, Maui Jim pioneered the art of experiential giving, and have been perfecting it ever since. For you, their sunglass fitting experience offers a smooth, turnkey “event within an event” that saves time, money and stress. For your guests, it delivers instant gratification as they choose and receive this special gift on the spot — while reinforcing the memory of your event every time they slip on their Maui Jim sunglasses in the years to come. Discover what makes Maui Jim The World’s Most Memorable Gift Experience®.

NO SURPRISES, NO HIDDEN FEES – We use a dollar-cost average to calculate the costs of a variety of styles. You pay the same flat per-unit price no matter what styles your guests choose, plus the costs of freight, tax, any optional custom items and hotel rooms for our on-site event specialists. You NEVER pay for additional booth staffing costs, freight mark-ups, restocking charges or other travel expenses for event staff.

There is a minimum of 25 people for events held in Australia, and 50 people for events held overseas.

Many sunglass lenses simply darken your view, dimming and fading colour for a flat, low-contrast perspective. Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2® lenses enhance the colours your eyes naturally perceive. With this, you see vibrant, saturated colours with a higher level of contrast and greater depth perception.

Why Wear Sunglasses?

The following post is supplied by Maui Jim Sunglasses, one of the 4Promote suppliers to the promotional products industry in Australia


1. Sunglasses are not just for bright sunny days:

Every day, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, spring or winter, UV rays can damage eyes in profound ways. To protect your eyes and prevent damage, wear sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays.

2. Poor quality sunglasses can cause more damage than going without:

Sunglasses cause pupils to dilate, which allows more light to enter into your eyes. If sunglasses offer shade but not UVA and UVB protection, more harmful UV rays enter your eyes than if you weren’t wearing them.

3. Leaving eyes exposed can cause you to age more quickly:

This delicate skin is the first place we form wrinkles. Protecting the eye area keeps you looking younger, longer.

4. The right sunglasses help prevent skin cancer:

Where’s the one place you can’t apply sunscreen? Around your eyes! Look for the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation the next time you shop for sunglasses.

5. Quality shades allow you to see better in the dark:

No, not by wearing your sunglasses at night. It’s about the time

it takes your eyes to adjust from light to dark. Bright sunlight bleaches the photoreceptors and lengthens the time it takes your eyes to adjust to the dark.

Contact us for options on custom branded sunglasses as a promotional item or a Maui Jim memorable experience your customers will never forget.

Branding with the Sound of Summer

Nothing says summer like the sound of cricket, and just because many of your clients are taking a break, that doesn’t mean your marketing has to. Summertime promotions mean your marketing is working all summer time long, even though your clients or you may not be.

custom branded backyard cricket set

Backyard Cricket Set

This Bayard cricket set is a great way to get your branding working for you in a fun and non-intrusive way. The set includes

8-pcs Vintage inspired backyard cricket set

  • Set includes: SH size cricket bat (82cm), 4 x wickets (69cm H x 2.5cm dia.), 2 x bails (9cm L x 2.5cm Dia.), red semi-soft cricket ball (8cm Dia.)
  • Supplied: in a BYCC natural canvas carry bag with two carry handles

The backyard cricket set will work great as a summertime promotion, Christmas gift for clients and staff, corporate getaways, Australia Day and team building events. Also an enticing Gift with Purchase for those cricket fanatics.

New Cutter & Buck Polo – The Crescent

One of the retail brands that we supply for custom branding is Cutter & Buck. They have just released the CB Men’s Crescent Polo.

The Crescent polo is made of 100% DryTec interlocked jacquard material. It is a lightweight moisture wicking material, which means it will pull the perspiration from your body out through the material to be dried off. This makes for a cooler wearing shirt (temperature and looks wise).

The  Crescent Polo is also a low maintenance shirt that resists wrinkles and needs little to no ironing. This makes it an ideal shirt for on the go sale reps, trade shows and corporate golf days.

Colour Up for more Engagement

If you can increase a client’s interactivity with your brand, you then create greater engagement, which leads to greater retention of your brand and brand messaging. A great example is this car wrap by Bear Designs for the  Bulldogs NRL team


Steeden footballs also did a similar promo item with the colouring-in ball below. Also, we have promotional tote bags, colouring in books and a lot of other items that can create greater interactivity with your brand.

Colour-in promo products work well not just for kids, they can make for a great team builder, icebreaker for corporate events and training.


Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Sock it to ’em

Digital technology has revolutionised many industries and the promotional products industry is no different. Digital printing has allowed for greater flexibility by reducing the cost of printing in multiple colours, allows full colour printing, allows for gradients in logos and covers larger or complete area’s without being expensive.

While caps, polos and jackets have always been popular promotional items (and can all be digitally printed), socks have been an underused promotional item. With digital printing and the low quantities required (as low as 25) promotional socks are starting to take off.

They also make an ideal item for industry or product puns.

Cutter & Buck is Back!

4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-Cutter & Buck2

Cutter & Buck is back and available in the Australian promotional products market. Being a high valued, global brand they make for a high perceived promotional clothing and uniforms.

Established in Seattle in 1989, Cutter & Buck effortlessly integrated urban and outdoor lifestyle wear with a timeless and modern feel. Cutter & Buck apparel combines luxury sportswear with modern styles and fabrics. Perfect for golf, corporate events and uniforms.


Marketing at Corporate Sporting Events


Red Bull Raglan Shirts

Picking the right apparel and headwear material is important when marketing at athletic and corporate sporting  events. Quite often companies will look to keep the costs low on the merchandise thinking that these are a one-off use. This is missing a really strong, long lasting  marketing opportunity.

Selecting the right promotional items and materials will :

1. Make it look like you know what you are doing – ie moisture wick shirts for runners or marathoners. This builds the perception that “hey they know us”.
2. Not abrasive on the wearer – the wrong material can cause skin irritation as the the athlete starts to perspire.
3. Lasts well beyond the event – get a long tail on your branding by selecting a product that the user will want to wear over and over.
4. Create an anchor in the mind of the athlete of a happy time – eg the marathon they ran in, you can add in the event name /date etc on the shirt, cap etc.
5. Great exposure – if you supply a team’s worth of clothing and headwear then you will get great exposure on the day.

4Promote-Sporting -Event-Promotional-Products



Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –www.matthewbywater.com