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Sock it to ’em

Digital technology has revolutionised many industries and the promotional products industry is no different. Digital printing has allowed for greater flexibility by reducing the cost of printing in multiple colours, allows full colour printing, allows for gradients in logos and covers larger or complete area’s without being expensive.

While caps, polos and jackets have always been popular promotional items (and can all be digitally printed), socks have been an underused promotional item. With digital printing and the low quantities required (as low as 25) promotional socks are starting to take off.

They also make an ideal item for industry or product puns.

Give your clients a Sweet Break

Ever struggle to get your message read when mailing clients? One of the major obstacles is the immense load of information that passes across your customer’s desk on a daily basis.

In the promotional products industry we have loads of ways of helping to interact with your client to get them to stop and give your marketing message some attention.

One sweet (pun intended) way of doing it is with confectionery, this little promo pictured here Promo Confectionery Kit Kat Promo Confectionery Kit Kat is a great way of delivering your message while encouraging your client to take a break. Millions of advertising dollars spent by Nestle has helped with the “Have a break, have a Kit Kat” theme – why not take advantage of it.



Bag Rules for Stadiums could be Clear

Security at stadiums for sporting and entertainment are becoming ever more restrictive. In a lot of NFL stadiums in the US bags are not permitted full stop. The same may soon apply here in Australia.

One option that the MCG and other Melbourne stadiums are assessing is “a clear bag policy”. This would allow security to quickly assess the contents for allowing not only quicker but also safer processing.

We have a range of clear PVC totes which are perfect for sporting events, concerts, picnics and more. They also make for great puns for tagline for products that have a “clear” message.

Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog – www.matthewbywater.com

Promoting Reuse; One Coffee at a Time

Nothing says daily routine like a morning coffee, in fact over 2.25 billion cups are served everyday. What a great opportunity to be there everyday promoting your message. Reusable coffee / travel mugs make a tremendous promotional product for this reason.

When your clients use your promotional travel mug they see your branded message every day, and generally at the very start of the day. For this reason ceramic coffee mugs and travel mugs have one of the best Cost Per Impressions in advertising.

Another huge benefit is the positive impact they have on the environment compared to the usual takeaway coffee cups which are made of cardboard. While cardboard is made of a renewable material the coating that keeps the cup protected from the hot coffee, polyethylene, is hard for many recycling facilities to remove so they end up in landfill. By some estimates there are over 500 billion disposable cups put into landfill every year.

Reusable coffee cups give us the first 2 “R’s” of the Environment (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). They reduce the amount of disposable cups needed by reusing the same cup for every cup with drink.

Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog – www.matthewbywater.com

Customise Your Safety Wear Range

We all know the importance of hi vis safety wear in the workplace. We also know the value of good branding on uniforms when it comes to brand awareness, customer engagement and staff involvement.

Now we have a way to achieve all this with Dye Sublimated Hi Vis Work Wear. With Dye Sublimation we can not only print in full colour but can print on large areas of shirt for maximum exposure and creativity.

Need help coming up with a creative design, contact one of promotional consultants for advice.




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