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Fan-Tastic Pen

Check out the Fan-Tastic Pen with a powerfully built in fan. Powered by a AAA Battery (supplied), it is made of brass with a shiny chrome trim. Filled with german DOKUMENTAL ink and a tungsten carbide ball it is superb pen to write with.

It comes in a black presentation gift box, can be branded with your logo via pad print of laser engraving (engraves silver in colour).

Just like there are different types of writing instruments, there are also different types of ink.

This post is replicated from one of our writing instrument suppliers, BIC. It highlights the different types of ink available for promotional pens.

Our products and inks comply with the strictest international product safety laws and standards.
The most popular writing instrument ink system. Over 2 kms of write-out is available on our BIC® Round Stic® & Clic Stic family and over 2 kms of write-out is available on almost all other popular BIC writing instruments.
Gel Ink
Offers smooth, fluid writing. Available Gel Products: BIC® Intensity® Clic Gel and Atlantis® Gel options available Norwood by BIC writing instruments in the Lyra Pen.
Similar in construction to a ballpoint but uses a smoother ball and more fluid ink. BIC® Roller Ball features a free ink technology which flows through a baffle delivery system and provides a visible supply of ink.
Low odour, quick-drying, permanent, alcohol-based ink. Suitable for use on most surfaces glass, metal, coated paper, photos and plastic Acrylic bullet tip gives line width BIC® Permanent Markers that can be uncapped for three weeks without drying!


BIC® inks undergo a toxicological review by the Duke University Medical Center under the WIMA (Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association) certification program. Duke University bases its review on the guidelines set forth by the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission).

Our ink cartridges are analyzed for up to two years to test shelf life and write-out times. To ensure quality and performance of our inks, all cartridges are date stamped. Components of our cartridges are produced by the highest quality cartridge manufacturers from all over the world, including Switzerland and Germany. Points are stainless steel, brass or nickel silver and balls are made of tungsten carbide. Many of our items are refillable which gives you the ability to use them over and over again. In addition, many of our inks have over 2 kilometers of writing ink. By developing long lasting and lightweight products that are made to last, there is less impact on the environment.

A Promo with More Frixon

Pens have been a staple of the promotional products industry for decades. A PPAI study found that on average promotional pens are kept for 5.3 months – not bad for an advertisement that can cost less than a dollar.Frixion-Clicker-White-Pen-Side-prom_pen

The Frixon pens from Pilot are a great addition to the promotional pen range. They allow the user to erase what is written simply by using the tip of the pen. This not only has great practical use, it can make for some great puns, bylines and similes.



  • Unique thermo-sensitive gel ink formula disappears when erased using the special tip
  • Re-writable: erase and re-write repeatedly without damaging documents. No wear or tear!


A Pen is just not a pen!

Nowadays the ole’ pen is not just a pen!

With technology quickly overtaking the role of hand written communication, the pen’s versatility has had to evolve.

Over time it has developed enhancements to be just not a writing instrument – it’s become a tool with the introduction of a stylus, it can carry data around with you on an included USB, through a banner pen it can communicate a detailed message. There are torch pens, tri-colour pens, pen & pencil pens, “leveller” pens, some have a small torch on the end for when you really want to write in the dead of night and there is a pen that has small flag notes included, for when you really want to write yourself a reminder and can’t find that bit of paper!

New to the market is the Shining Illuminated Stylus Pen which will light up your logo for dramatic impression. With twist tip action this pen will shine through your hands with the push of the stylus for illumination.

Shining Illuminated Stylus Pen

The good ole’ pen – keeps shining through! Still a huge favourite and bestseller for promotional products – an easy leave behind, always used!

Kylie Petteit
Promotions Consultant

How to Promote a product with Multiple Uses

When promoting a product with multiple uses it makes sense to use a multi-use promotional product. This creates a subconscious correlation in the customers mind, the messages seems congruent, it seems smart.

There are many promotional product options for this including stylus pens, stylus USB flash drives, fitness bottles dumbbells through to caps with built in LED lights.


Plastic Dumbell Sports Bottle w/Screw Top Lid - 650mL, The Mini Martello Key Chain, Santa Fe Stylus Ballpoint Pen

Promotional Products with Multiple Uses


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist

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What are Texting Gloves?

You may have seen Texting Gloves in retail shops and wondered what they are for?

Most smartphones and tablets have what is called Capacity Touch, the screen registers movements by picking up fluctuations in the screens electrical fields. Our fingers work well on these types of screens as they give off electrical impulses, cover those fingers with a non conductive glove and the screen will no longer react.

promotional texting glove

Texting Glove

Texting Gloves and Conductive Stylus’s work by using a conductive material that interact with the smartphone/tablet screen.

Both of these items are available as a promotional product, which make a stylish and functional item for your customer.

Promotional Stylus Pen with Light

Flashlight Ballpoint Pen / Stylus

You can find more Promotional I.T. Products here.


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Variable Data Printing – Now It ‘s Personal

Promotional Product CustomisationWe all love to see our own name in lights.  Not to suggest that we all suffer from extreme vanity, but it is an indication that we all want to feel like an individual not a number. This is where Variable Data Printing (VPI) comes in, it allows elements like text and images to be changed from one printed item to the next while keeping the main body of advertising copy and images the same.

In the past this has been available for printed mediums like brochures and flyers and has been used for years by direct marketers. in fact we have got that used to it that any letter/email we receive addressed to “To Whom it May concern”, or the “To the Householder”) we tend ditch immediately.

The returns for variable printing vary from double the normal return at the basic level to 10-15 times the return for fully variable jobs.

Now this technology is available to many promotional products. VPI offers us the chance to personalise each promotional product to an individual client’s name, nickname or project teams. What better way to resonate with a client then by putting their name on each item that show that the product given was selected just for them.

What’s more, by personalising the client now has a sense of ownership with the promotional product increasing the likelihood the item will be kept.

Promotional Products Customisation

Promotional products that can be personalised include – Aluminium Drink Bottles, Mugs, Vitamin Water, Bottled Water, Metal Pens, Tape Measures, Bar Runners, Travel Mugs, Notepads, Keyrings, Mouse Mats, Magnets, Badge Holders, Lip Balm, Hand Sanitiser Gel, Calculators and Coasters.

All you have to do is send through a list of names in spreadsheet and your promotional products consultant can do the rest.


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist

For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –