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Cutter & Buck – Finn Polo

Looking for something a little jazzier in a promo polo that you can custom brand. Check out these Cutter & Buck  Finn Print polos. They have an all over geo print, self-fabric collar and contrast colour for the inside neck tape and inside placket. The Cutter & Buck logo is on the right back yoke.

Cutter & Buck Finn Polo can be custom branded

Made of moisture-wicking polyester/spandex jersey they have a great feel and an amazing wash and wear quality. The Finn polo makes for a great corporate golf day shirt, trade show shirt or any team event where you are looking for something a little edgy.

7 Fashion Trends for the Australian Uniform Industry in 2019

The following post is by Mike Lyne of Entity brands, one of 4Promote’s suppliers. Entity Brands brings retail brands to the promotional products industry in Australia. These brands include Nike, The North Face, Port Authority, Ogio, Sportek, Bella + Canvas plus many more high-end retail brands.

The gap between retail fashion and promotional uniforms is closing fast.

ASI notes, when it comes to apparel, tomorrow’s promotional trends are no longer yesterday’s retail hand-me-downs. Suppliers and distributors are on the pulse of the most relevant fabrics, cuts and colours; it’s never been easier to make both a brand and a fashion statement.’

social fashion

With that in mind let’s look at 7 fashion trends for both retail and promotional uniforms in 2019. Prepare yourself for some 1990’s nostalgia.

1. Sustainable and Organic Fabric

Prevalent in almost all aspects of Australian modern society, we’re becoming increasingly aware of our environmental and social impact and responsibility. For many this extends to what they wear. Expect to see a surge in requests for organic and sustainable fabrics in 2019.

Since reports surfaced in 2017 on the increase in landfill dumping of unwanted clothes, the need for recycling made its way into apparel, especially that of man-made fabrics such as polyester. Similarly, organic became a fashion trend in its own right. Price became a secondary concern behind the need for organic produce and cotton.

Regardless of your personal view on this, there is no doubt that demand for organic and sustainable clothing is growing.

Alternative Colourblock Rocky Eco-Fleece Zip Hoodie

Pictured: Alternative Colourblock Rocky Eco-Fleece Zip Hoodie

2. Heathering

Creating a unique textured look, appealing to the desire for something fashionable.

‘Companies are increasingly looking to get away from the traditional corporate colours of black and navy and are wanting other, more fashion forward but still neutral colourways,’ says Nick Anstee, marketing specialist with Stormtech. ‘Heather colours provide a unique textured look to the fabric with the high perceived value, but these colourways, when done right, are still subtle enough that they don’t detract from whatever corporate logo is added to the garment.’

Heather fabrication continues to grow in popularity, extending further than t-shirts and hoodies, into outerwear such as Soft Shell.

Heathering inspiration: Sport-Tek’s Electric Heather Soft Shell Jacket.

3. Activewear

Another category straight from the retail fashion world, with a lot of mileage left in the tank. Activewear (or athleisure), a fashion trend that offers the wearer a casual, yet active and dynamic appearance.

We’re of course talking elevated yoga pants, matched with a well-fitted scoop neck t-shirt. Activewear is becoming regularly sited in the office, with 2019 set to see the trend explode.

The ultimate work-life balance look, effortlessly crossing social settings, from the office, to lunch, to the gym. Or at the least providing the perception that we’re hitting the gym.

Activewear inspiration: Ogio Endurance Ladies Verge Scoop Neck


Pictured: Ogio Endurance Crux Soft Shell Men & Ladies

4. Neon

Stay with me here, this one’s straight out the fashion world and off the run way. Neon is back baby! Expect to see purchases of the more ‘daring’ colourways grow in popularity throughout 2019. For promotional uniforms this one is game-set-and-match, providing a visually striking, head-turning brand statement.

Colourblocking, with bright neon accents on darker colours has been popular in promotional uniforms for years, and long may that badass look continue. But expect to see the amount of neon grow against the darker traditional colours in 2019.

One thing’s for sure, neon is no longer just for tradies. I for one can’t wait to get my hi-vis on!

Neon inspiration: Nike Dri-Fit Colorblock Icon Modern Fit Polo

5. The Puffer Vest

Back from the 90’s with a vengeance, no doubt you’ve witnessed the return of the puffer on the streets of Australia throughout the later part of winter 2018. Granted they’re about to go into hibernation for the summer. But expect to see them back in full force come June 2019.

What we love about the puffer vets, (all vests for that matter,) is the ability to create a branded layered uniform that provides a business casual, individualistic look, without losing brand awareness.

Puffer vest inspirationThe North Face Ladies ThermoBall Trekker Vest

6. Tie-Dye

Again, don’t shoot the messenger, ‘tie-dye is covering the spring 2019 runways’ says Fashionista. It’s hard to predict whether this will make it to promotional uniforms in 2019, but we’re putting our money on yes, at least in creative companies, those looking to create a unique look, whilst staying fashion focused.

Tie-dye inspiration: Port & Company Window Tie-Dye Tee

7. Bags as Fashion Accessories 

When we talk about fashion trends, we can’t skip bags. No outfit is complete without the bag, especially brand-name bags.

Fashionable brand-name backpacks for the office worker’s commute, and larger luxury bags for media and tech companies is big business. If you’re not onto this growing trend, get on board. We consider brand-name bags to be one of the hottest trends ahead.

Ogio Backpack 2

Pictured: Ogio Apex Rucksack

Now it’s your turn, what enquiries are you increasingly fielding and what are your predictions for 2019?

Selecting Corporate Uniforms that just Work!

Branded corporate uniforms are an effective marketing tool to not only to utilise employees as walking billboards but to give a sharp, professional image for an organisation.

However, looking good over time and not just in the first few weeks should be the objective. That is where this Wash Me, Hang Me, Wear Me Elliot jackets from Gloweave come in. They are machine washable for easy care.

Being easy to clean and wear again for the employee, means they will always be looking clean, sharp and in uniform.

A variety of styles and colours are available, and they can be custom branded with your logo.

Under Armour Promotional Apparel? – No Sweat

Under Armour is the latest brand to become available to the promotional products industry in Australia.  Under Armour joins Nike, Puma, Adidas and Izod as major apparel brands available to the promotions industry.

Under Armour is an amazing success story, started by Kevin Plank in 1996. Kevin was a college footballer (NFL) who was frustrated by the sweat-soaked t-shirts (undergarment) that he and most players wear under their uniforms.under_armour_polo_promotional_clothing

Changing at halftime consumed a lot of time,  also the sweat-soaked t-shirts added a lot of extra weight.  A dry cotton t-shirt weighs about 170 grams, soaking wet, it can weight up to 1.26 kg!!

Kevin went looking for an answer. He noticed that the compression shirts worn during practice kept dry. So Kevin took that knowledge and went about making T-Shirts with the same compression and moisture wicking material, and the rest (and almost US $4B in annual sales is history).under_armour_cap_promo_industry

Using Under Armour as you promotional apparel will give your branding instant recognition alongside one of the premier sporting apparel brands in the world.

Under Armour Polos and Caps work well at Corporate Golf Days, Team Events and for those that travel a lot and like to keep their ironing to a minimum.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

How to Storm up a Polo Promo

Polo’s have always been a promotional product favourite; not only for the recipient but also for advertisers. No wonder when you see the results of an Advertising Speciality Institute study that shows shirts generate on average 1,755 impressions.

However selecting just any promotional polo is not a guarantee of success. The recipient has to first of like the polo and the branding options, and then the polo has to be durable for 2 important reasons. Firstly, the longer it lasts the more impressions your branding gets. Secondly, a high quality, durable product parlays directly the same attributes back onto the logo on the shirt – yours.

One brand we often recommend is Stormtech. Originally developed as highly technical outdoor apparel in Canada, these polo’s make for durable and classy uniforms, promotional polos, and gift for purchases.

Stormtech are so confident in the quality of their polo’s they offer a 3 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. That has to give you confidence in using your brand on Stormtech gear.

Cutter & Buck is Back!

4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-Cutter & Buck2

Cutter & Buck is back and available in the Australian promotional products market. Being a high valued, global brand they make for a high perceived promotional clothing and uniforms.

Established in Seattle in 1989, Cutter & Buck effortlessly integrated urban and outdoor lifestyle wear with a timeless and modern feel. Cutter & Buck apparel combines luxury sportswear with modern styles and fabrics. Perfect for golf, corporate events and uniforms.


Customise Your Safety Wear Range

We all know the importance of hi vis safety wear in the workplace. We also know the value of good branding on uniforms when it comes to brand awareness, customer engagement and staff involvement.

Now we have a way to achieve all this with Dye Sublimated Hi Vis Work Wear. With Dye Sublimation we can not only print in full colour but can print on large areas of shirt for maximum exposure and creativity.

Need help coming up with a creative design, contact one of promotional consultants for advice.




What Does Richard Branson know about Uniforms

Most people in the business world believe Richard Branson knows a thing or 2 about creating a positive perception in the eyes of customers and staff alike. The King of PR has shown this once again with the launch of the new Flight Attendant uniforms for Virgin Atlantic.

promotional corporate uniforms virgin flight attendants

What Richard Branson knows all too well is that a smart, well thought out corporate uniform is not for looks alone. Apart from making the staff feel like they are part of something special, it gives an air of prestige to the organisation, allowing the company to create a desired impression. In this case restoring the Flight Attendants position to that of the glamour years gone by.

Sustainable materials were also included (a polyester yarn made from plastic bottles) to give the green eco touch.

For more ideas on Corporate Apparel click here


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Use Uniforms to Revamp your Brand

I have previously blogged about the merits of a well thought out corporate uniform strategy and its impact on your overall brand. Aria’s a 2 hatted fine dining restaurant in the on Sydney Harbour has recently gone for a total revamp (click here for article), one thing to note is that a revamp of their staff uniforms is also part of the makeover.

corporate uniforms promotional uniforms

Sony Uniforms

Great marketers know that the first people to sell your product to is your staff, get them involved in the process, cool looking, smart, comfortable uniforms will have your staff buzzing, the very people who have the greatest interaction with your customers – they are your real shopfront.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist

For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog