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Bottle up for a World Cup

Bottle-up-for-a-World-Cup-BlogFor the 200 FIFA World Cup of the Brazilian soccer team uniform was made of recycled plastic bottles – about 8 bottles per jersey. The plastic bottles retrieved from landfills in Japan and Taiwan. After being melted down they were turned into yarn to produce the materials.

By using recycled PET bottles, Nike reduced their energy consumption by over 30% compared to normal polyester. They also saved over 13 millions bottles from going to landfill.

This same process is available in Australia to the promotional products industry. Pictured here are promotional polo shirts and caps which are made of 100% RPET recycled material. These promotional items also come with a swing tag proclaiming the environmental benefits of this material so you can subtly boast your green credentials.

                         4Promote-Promotional-Products-Bottle-up-for-a-World-Cup-Blog-Corbel-Polo                              4Promote-Promotional-Products-Bottle-up-for-a-World-Cup-Blog-PET-Cotton-Sandwich-Cap

                                   Corbel Polo                                       PET/Cotton Sandwich Cap

Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
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Paddle Up Your Promotion

Following on from the previous blog on beer growlers, here is another promotional product idea for the dedicated beer lover. Great for beer parties and corporate events the beer paddle makes for a great conversation creator. Talking about the Hoppiness or comparing a lager to a Pilsner sure beats that awkward intro of talking about the weather.

4Promote-Promotional-Products-Paddle-Up-Your-Promo-Blog-Beer Paddle Tasting Tray

This beer paddle picture is made of Acacia wood and comes with 4 mini beer glasses. A great to subtly promote your brand in a fun atmosphere.


Beyond Stubby Coolers – Growlers

Stubby Coolers have long been a promotional product favourite due to their cost effectiveness and broad spectrum appeal. Now there are options for the keen beer lover. Beer Growler’s have been growing in popularity over recent years and are now available from the promotional products industry to promote your brand.

4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-1.8-Litre-Beer-Growler1.8 Litre Beer Growler

These 1.8 Litre Growlers are made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel and an attached swing top which offers long-lasting freshness and ensures you’re giving your beer the tender loving care it deserves.

This is an ideal gift any beer lover would appreciate.


Fishing for Clients?

While there are many ways to promote your brand to your customers; one of the best is to be associated with them while they are having fun. Once you know the demographics of your customer base it should be easy to isolate the type of things they do for fun.

4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-Fishing-for-Clients-Fishing-Polo            4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-Fishing-for-Clients-Fishing-Polo-3            4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-Fishing-for-Clients-Fishing-Polo-2

If you look at certain industries, typically “blokey” ones like Mining, Agriculture and many trades; you will find that fishing is a popular pastime amongst your clients. Fishing trips have always been a popular client appreciation event, by using branded promotional products like the ones pictured in this blog you create a team like atmosphere and deliver a long lasting promotion for your brand.

4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-Fishing-for-Clients-Fishing-Cap            4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-Fishing-for-Clients-Fishing-Cap-2            4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-Fishing-for-Clients-Fishing-Cap-3


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Chipolo – Don’t lose a Thing with this Bluetooth Item Finder

Misplaced your keys? Your wallet? If you’re the type of person who constantly searches for your lost things every day, then the Chipolo is perfect for you!

Chipolo is a small, colourful Bluetooth-enabled device that easily attaches to your valuable items. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 and it acts like a simple tracker. Just download the app from the App Store or Google Play, connect your device to one or more Chipolo trackers and you’re good to go. Chipolo isn’t just portable, it’s wearable, too. Clip it to your home or car keys, wallet, backpack, cat, dog or anything that is valuable to you.


  • Chipolo has a range of about 60 meters (200 feet), and it remembers its last location even when out of range.
  • FREE iOS and Android application.
  • Works with Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Battery can be replaced. CR2025. Lasts up to 6 months (also comes with one replacement).
  • Choose from these colours: Jet Black, Deep Sky Blue, Lime Green, Sunset Orange, Bubble Gum Pink, Sapphire Purple, Cherry Red, Arctic White or Sunflower Yellow.

Ring your items

Ring your lost keys or wallet just like you’d call a lost phone. The Chipolo will play a loud tune so you can easily hear within the 200-foot Bluetooth range. Chipolo sounds like no other item finder you’ve ever heard.

Can’t find your phone?

Find your phone. Near or Far. Shake any one of your Chipolos to make your lost phone ring—even if it’s on silent. If you lost your phone far away, finding it is still easy. Log into the website app to see its last known location, to make it ring, or to send a lock-screen message to the friendly folks who might find it.

See what you’re missing.

When your item is left behind, you will receive a notification and the Chipolo app automatically records the last time and place it saw your item. So, if you left it somewhere, you know where to look first.


And what’s more exciting about the Chipolo – you can do a full colour print of your business logo as a reminder to your clients – how valuable you are to them next time they are having a “I CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE” type of day!