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A Twist on Wireless Chargers

This custom branded wireless charger comes with a different twist, and we mean it really twists! It features an ability to twist which delivers the benefit of being able to turn from a flat charger to a phone stand.

This wireless charger also can charge 2 phones at the same time, making it of great use around the house, office and when travelling. With smartphones needing charging at least daily, your brand gets exposure every day of the year.


Market on Your Clients Desk with this 5 Port Charger

Custom branded Technology items make for effective workplace promo items as they deliver utility value to the recipient (often in time of need), and are generally in the right location for when you want your clients to be looking at your brand.

This 5 port charger sits on your client’s desk with up to 5 devices charging at once. With full-colour printing up to 100 mm x 85 mm; there is plenty of marketing real estate to get a great brand message across

The Compendium that Reduces Clutter at Every Meeting

Check out this functional A5 journal compendium with the added benefit of being a device holder. What a great way to keep your hands free as you travel from meeting to meeting.

Made of a soft PU leather the compendium is affordable while still delivering a classy finish. When custom branded, this type of promo item delivers great branding to not only the recipient but to everyone they meet with as well.

Features –

  • Veclro device stand
  • Magnetic closure
  • 2 Elasticated device holders
  • Pen loop (pen not included)
  • Durable but soft PU leather cover
  • 80 leaf notebook with PU cover

This is a promo item that works well for sales reps, executives and staff/client Christmas gifts.

Why Custom Branded Computer Bags make for great B2B marketing

One of the advantages of promotional products is that you can brand your logo/message in the location where you want your client to be thinking of your product and services. If you are in the B2B world then there are numerous options we can look at.

Computer bags are a higher end promotional item that delivers utility for the recipient and long lasting branding for the marketer. They are also used during business hours, which is ideal for B2B businesses. Add to the fact that your branding will also be displayed in business meetings, meaning your brand is now-on show to potential clients.

Check out these options for the B2B marketing with custom branded computer bags –




  • Jacquard polyester and water resistant 900D coated polyester
  • External USB charger port with integrated internal cable to charge your device
  • Three main zippered fully cell foam padded universal storage compartments including dual 15.6” laptop and 10.1” tablet compartments
  • Multiple organiser pockets
  • Padded grab handles
  • Detachable/adjustable padded shoulder strap with metal buckles and accessories
  • Back Webbing panel can slip over wheeled bag handle

Capacity: 14 Litres

Dimensions: 42 cm W x 30 cm H x 11 cm D



  • Jacquard polyester and water resistant 900D coated polyester
  • External USB charger port with integrated internal cable to charge your device
  • Four main zippered fully cell foam padded universal storage compartments with 15.6” laptop compartment
  • Zippered passport/security pocket on lumber back panel
  • Foam padded top grab handle
  • Mesh backed padded shoulder straps and contoured padded mesh back panels
  • Hands free mobile/media suction cup panel on shoulder strap
  • Back webbing panel can slip over wheeled bag handle

Capacity: 17.5 Litres

Dimensions: 28 cm W x 45 cm H x 14 cm D


Going Wireless

These new wireless stereo earphones make for a great promotional product for all ages. Handy for use during a workout, at the office or just pumping out some tunes. They make a great gift or sales incentive.

They combine the latest in sound technology by providing true stereo sound without the need for a cable connection. These Bluetooth enable earphones offer the user individual left and right channels than can work as a pair or separately with any Bluetooth device. Leave your paired device out of sight up to 10 metres away and enjoy the true wireless stereo sound for up to 5 hours.

These earphones are recharged in their own robust storage case and include a micro USB charge cable and user manual.

The earphones come in white, black, gold, red and pink. Your logo can be printed on the case and each earphone.

Make more Connections by Going Wireless

Promotional products gain greater impact when we they are useful and innovative all in one. We all experience the same issue – battery life! Wireless charging is a growing rapidly as it makes it easier to charge your smartphone without the hassle of cables. There is no need for cable between your phone and the charging pad.

Promotional Wireless Charger in Use

Promotional Wireless Charger in Use

Wireless charging works by transferring energy to a receiver in the back of the phone via an induction coil to create an alternating magnetic field. The receiver converts this energy into electricity to charge the phone battery.

Promotional Wireless Charger

Promotional Wireless Charger

Wireless charges as promotional products are available for most phone types (iPhone and Android models) that are Qi compliant. For all other phones a Qi adaptor is required.

Charge Up your Clients

Some of our best marketing happens when we help out a client. This is because it is about them not us. With smartphone usage reaching 84% penetration in Australia, this has become an attractive area to locate your advertising.

Promotional Mini Emergency Power Bank

Promotional Mini Emergency Power Bank

There are many options to use promotional products on and around smartphones from branded cases, earphones, wallet attachments etc. But to solve a real pain point of every smartphone user is a real plus – battery running low. Carrying around a charge plug & cable or even a power-bank is not always convenient.

However this Mini Emergency Power Bank is small enough to fit in most jean coin pockets and weighs just 32.5 grams. It can charge a smartphone up to 50% capacity.

Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
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Watch out for WaterProof?

Promotional Watches have been a long time favourite for promotional merchandise programs. Perhaps one of the most confusing factors is when deciding to buy a water resistant watch and what the claims will actually deliver.

There is often a lot of confusion over shower proof, water proof and water resistant when it comes to watches. Firstly waterproof and shower proof mean pretty much the same thing. They are sealed sealed enough to survive a shower of rain but they’re not made to take pressure. If a watch says “no water resistance” don’t get it wet under any circumstance.

Water resistant watches are sealed to withstand a stated pressure. Commonly expressed as ATM (Standard Atmosphere). 1 ATM equals approximately a depth of 10 metres. 2 ATM is a depth of approximately 20 metres and so on.

Up to 3 ATM (30 metres) a watch is still not really water resistant, it should be fine if it is splashed on when raining but will not handle pressure at depth. The same applies for up to 5 ATM (50 metres) where is would survive being immersed in water but may not handle the added pressure of of swimming.

With a watch that has a 10ATM rating (100 metres), you can swim and snorkel safely, however the pressure at depth may cause the seals to leak so diving is not recommended. It should be noted that even if the watch is water resistant to 10ATM that does not mean it will always be able to go to 100m. Over time the seals weaken, hence the reason for a regular watch service. There is some conjecture over whether 10ATM is ok to dive with, to be on the safe side, 20ATM is best suited for diving in most situations.

All watches, no matter what claimed ATM they are, should not be worn in the shower or a hot bath as they are designed for cold water use only

And whatever the stated water-resistance you should never wear watches in the shower or in a hot bath as all timepieces are designed for use in cold water only. Particularly when a sharp change of temperature happens as the rubber in the seal can contract.

For a range of promotional watches including water resistant option click here

Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Cell more Through Customisation

Regular customers of 4Promote know we like to recommend customisation for your promotional products. It is a great way to stand out from the crowd and display an innovative image to your brand.

When we come across great idea’s from whomever and wherever we like to share them. While some say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, we do recommend to use these ideas as catalyst rather than be a straight out copy-cat.

This idea from the South African Mobile Phone Company, Cell C, is not only practical for their clients but also is  in sync with their product offering. A book of ideas on how to save energy and live a greener lifestyle with a built in solar power battery charger.


Apart from a book of tips on how to be more efficient, this idea could be used for a diary, work diary, daily planner, daily task manual etc.


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

The Milano Executive Tech Travel Wallet

Travelling is fun – especially when you’re on vacation!

But packing up your essential things becomes a hassle when deciding how to carry them all! Work trips are usually last minute, quick and involve lots of running around gathering all the essentials to ensure that you remain in touch, despite being on the Go!

Searching for the right promotional product to promote your business during your trips or meetings?

4Promote-Promotional-Products-Milano Executive-Tech-Travel-Wallet(1)

The Milano Executive Tech Travel Wallet can keep all of your travel essentials at hand and secured. It holds your mobile phone, cards and other travel accessories with its multiple storage options. This wallet can fit easily into any satchel or handbag.

Getting tired of your phone dying on you during important conversations? Hassled about where you put that charger and where to charge it?  With its own built-in 4,000mAh power charger, the Milano Executive Tech Travel Wallet can juice up your mobile device anywhere you go.

The Milano Executive Tech Travel wallet has an elegant Italian PU finish with a charcoal herringbone pattern perfect for today’s business man / woman. Look smart and impress your business associates and potential clients. Compact and lightweight, easy to carry around because of  its slim-line wrist strap. What more do you need in a wallet?

4Promote-Promotional-Products-Milano Executive-Tech-Travel-Wallet(2)

This is the ideal promotional product to carry around while promoting your brand with an elegant and smart look.