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Fun Facts about Sunglasses

Fun Fact #1:
The Luxottica Group owns almost every notable brand of sunglasses sold globally. This includes massive licensing deals with fashion brands like Prada and Chanel.

Fun Fact #2:
While sunglass trends change from year to year, they seem to always circle back. The famous “Wayfarer” style is reported to be the best selling style in history!

Fun Fact #3:
Shielding your eyes from the sun dates back over 1000 years with Inuit peoples wearing flattened walrus ivory with narrow slits to help block out the light reflected from the sun.

Fun Fact #4:
UV blocking sunglasses weren’t introduced until the early 1900’s. By the 1920’s sunglasses started to become more and more common, thanks in part by the popularity with movie stars.

Fun Fact #5:
Most importantly, maintaining healthy eyes is no joke! Making sure to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays is an essential element to ensuring healthy eyes and vision.

Your Brand doesn’t Need a Holiday

Just because summer holidays are fast approaching; it doesn’t mean your brand needs to take a vacation. One of the great benefits of promotional products is that they can work 24/7, all year round  for you. Even better if you clients get to associate a relaxing and fun time with your brand.

Summer holidays in Australia often involve lots of sun and water. Here is just a few cool summer promotional products that fit this scenario and offer your clients something a little extra.

Promotional Waterproof BagWaterproof Bag – ideal for the beach, boating, water sports or anywhere near water as the contents will remain completely dry.

Promotional SunglassesFolding Sunglasses – protection and convenience in one product, and everyone is always scrambling for another pair of sunglasses.

Promotional Nautical CoolerNautical Cooler – what makes this cooler unique to most promotional coolers on the market is that the zippers are non-corrosive making it an ideal promotional item for activities near saltwater like for  boaters and beach goers.  Also the extra thick thermal insulated main cooler compartment keeps items cool for up to 2 days. This cooler is made of 210D polyester with latex rubber backing and PEVA lining, which means it does not leak.

So, keep your brand working, even when your are not.

Your brand does not need a holiday