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Branding with the Sound of Summer

Nothing says summer like the sound of cricket, and just because many of your clients are taking a break, that doesn’t mean your marketing has to. Summertime promotions mean your marketing is working all summer time long, even though your clients or you may not be.

custom branded backyard cricket set

Backyard Cricket Set

This Bayard cricket set is a great way to get your branding working for you in a fun and non-intrusive way. The set includes

8-pcs Vintage inspired backyard cricket set

  • Set includes: SH size cricket bat (82cm), 4 x wickets (69cm H x 2.5cm dia.), 2 x bails (9cm L x 2.5cm Dia.), red semi-soft cricket ball (8cm Dia.)
  • Supplied: in a BYCC natural canvas carry bag with two carry handles

The backyard cricket set will work great as a summertime promotion, Christmas gift for clients and staff, corporate getaways, Australia Day and team building events. Also an enticing Gift with Purchase for those cricket fanatics.

How to Incentivate Sales

promotional hoodie icentive to buy sales bait

One of the great benefits of using  promotional products is that they often achieve multiple objectives at once. Primarily they are often thought of as a brand awareness item, however they can also be extremely successful for  Incentives to Buy programs (also called Gift for Purchase or Sales Baits).

If the item is attractive enough to your target market and the offer is reasonable you can experience the pull through sale effect while achieving a long term marketing effort. What more, the recipient of the offer instantly becomes an ambassador of your offer.

Union Tribune San Diego (UTS) used a promotional hoodie to garner more subscriptions, what I love about the program was the execution.

1) Delivery location as Petco Park – home of the San Diego Padres (this ties into points, 2 and 4)
2) The hook – A Padres Hoodie with Padres branding on the front, and a small UTS logo on the yoke (they thought about what the consumer would like to wear)
3) The offer was commiserate with the retail value of the hoodie, ie it was a reasonable purchase that the consumer saw value in – the hoodie was of good quality
4) Associating with a popular brand for the locale – home game for the Padres – obviously these are fans of the Padres – they aligned their brand with the Padres – Joint Ventures are great for leveraging the trust your venture partner has built up.

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