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Tool Up for Vehicle Safety

There are many promotional products that help market a safety message to staff and clients. The benefit of a promo item is that it adds extra emphasis to the safety message by physical demonstration, which is much more powerful than the words alone.

This vehicle safety tool, which can be custom branded, is a great example. It can be laser engraved or pad printed with your logo (message). The multi safety aspects to the tool make it a must keep item in everyone’s vehicle.

This vehicle safety tool is compact and multi functional, it has a –

  • Hammer for breaking glass
  • Seat belt cuttervehicle_safety_tool_custom_branded
  • *COB warning light
  • Strong Magnet

This promo tool suits companies that have sales reps and customers in cars, the automotive industries (car sales, smash repairs, tow trucks, car rentals), along with any corporate safety messaging.

*LED, COB or “Chip on Board” technology is a more efficient energy use. COP chips also have multiple diodes on the same surface. The COB technology produces much more light intensity and draws less current which dramatically increases battery life.