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How to Market On a Smartphone

Smartphones have become almost like a physical attachment, and we know more than half of online shopping is done on a smartphone rather than a desktop, and this is only increasing.

That’s where these little screen cleaners come in as an effective and useful promo item. The microfibre cloth can be custom printed in full colour and can be custom shaped and sized. They come attached to a custom printed cardboard which turns this into a great mini brochure.

The microfibre cloth attaches to the back of the phone/tablet with a reusable sticker on the reverse side. This allows the microfibre cleaning cloth to be used over and over hundreds of times.

The cloths are great at cleaning body oils leftover from fingerprints and smudges. Suitable for sunglasses, eyeglasses, smartphones, e-book readers, camera lenses, monitors, collectables and tablets.

Being small, lightweight and low in cost, they are great for mailers, trade shows or even as a unique business card.

Just like there are different types of writing instruments, there are also different types of ink.

This post is replicated from one of our writing instrument suppliers, BIC. It highlights the different types of ink available for promotional pens.

Our products and inks comply with the strictest international product safety laws and standards.
The most popular writing instrument ink system. Over 2 kms of write-out is available on our BIC® Round Stic® & Clic Stic family and over 2 kms of write-out is available on almost all other popular BIC writing instruments.
Gel Ink
Offers smooth, fluid writing. Available Gel Products: BIC® Intensity® Clic Gel and Atlantis® Gel options available Norwood by BIC writing instruments in the Lyra Pen.
Similar in construction to a ballpoint but uses a smoother ball and more fluid ink. BIC® Roller Ball features a free ink technology which flows through a baffle delivery system and provides a visible supply of ink.
Low odour, quick-drying, permanent, alcohol-based ink. Suitable for use on most surfaces glass, metal, coated paper, photos and plastic Acrylic bullet tip gives line width BIC® Permanent Markers that can be uncapped for three weeks without drying!


BIC® inks undergo a toxicological review by the Duke University Medical Center under the WIMA (Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association) certification program. Duke University bases its review on the guidelines set forth by the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission).

Our ink cartridges are analyzed for up to two years to test shelf life and write-out times. To ensure quality and performance of our inks, all cartridges are date stamped. Components of our cartridges are produced by the highest quality cartridge manufacturers from all over the world, including Switzerland and Germany. Points are stainless steel, brass or nickel silver and balls are made of tungsten carbide. Many of our items are refillable which gives you the ability to use them over and over again. In addition, many of our inks have over 2 kilometers of writing ink. By developing long lasting and lightweight products that are made to last, there is less impact on the environment.

Keep your Keys Safe with the Neoprene Wristband Keyring

These neoprene wristband keyring’s make for a great summer time promotion. Perfect for use around water and for any activity where having keys in the pocket means they are risk of falling out.

They have a good sized branding area, for only a couple of bucks, they are great way to keep your brand working all summer long.

The Spidey 8-in-1 Promotional Tool

Providing a promotional product that has utility value for the recipient increases the effectiveness of the item as a promotional tool, pun intended 🙂

The Spidey 8-in-1 Screwdriver flashlight dos exactly that. The versatility value of the item makes it an ideal promotional item for the home, car or office.

This tool has

  • 1 LED light
  • 3 Phillips head screwdrivers
  • 3 Flathead screwdrivers
  • Small eyeglass tool with screw on cap


Elevate your Branding with Custom Shaped Balloons

Regular readers of this promotional products blog know we love customisation as it shows uniqueness, innovation and really separates your branding from the crowd.

These custom shaped foil balloons turn your logo into a floating 3D piece of art. Made of foil, they last longer than the usual latex made balloons, which means they can be used over and over again. 

Branding with the Sound of Summer

Nothing says summer like the sound of cricket, and just because many of your clients are taking a break, that doesn’t mean your marketing has to. Summertime promotions mean your marketing is working all summer time long, even though your clients or you may not be.

custom branded backyard cricket set

Backyard Cricket Set

This Bayard cricket set is a great way to get your branding working for you in a fun and non-intrusive way. The set includes

8-pcs Vintage inspired backyard cricket set

  • Set includes: SH size cricket bat (82cm), 4 x wickets (69cm H x 2.5cm dia.), 2 x bails (9cm L x 2.5cm Dia.), red semi-soft cricket ball (8cm Dia.)
  • Supplied: in a BYCC natural canvas carry bag with two carry handles

The backyard cricket set will work great as a summertime promotion, Christmas gift for clients and staff, corporate getaways, Australia Day and team building events. Also an enticing Gift with Purchase for those cricket fanatics.

Custom Branded Luggage Scales for Executive Gifts

A smart promotional campaign is one that starts with an understanding of the customer behaviours. If you have a customer base (potential or current) that travels for work or play, then custom branded travel items are great to position your brand while providing utility value – further enhancing the brand connection.

Custom Branded Luggage Scales

We have a range of travel items that can be branded with your logo, these Travel Luggage Scales are a great low-cost promotional item. Being lightweight and small (100mm x 32xmm x 27mm) they are easy to travel with. They help your clients manage those ever restrictive weight allowances being enforced by many airlines, avoiding excess baggage fees!

Morning routines bring great branding opportunities with Reusable Coffee Cups

Nothing says daily routine like a morning coffee or cuppa’ so what a great opportunity and billboard for your branding/message. Reusable coffee/tea cups make a tremendous promotional product for this reason.

Daily use ensures daily exposure of your message as well as lowering the impact on the environment compared to the usual takeaway cups.

Reusable coffee cups give us the first 2 “R’s” of the Environment – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. They reduce the amount of disposable cups needed by reusing the same cup for every drink.

Glass Karma Kup
340 ml cup made from high-quality non-porous glass. Available in a range of coloured silicone bands and lids with mix n match options. Available in single or double-walled to keep drinks hotter for longer.

Ceramic Mugs
Available in a range of sizes, single or double-walled and mix n match lids.


Hydro Soul Zen Mug
Double walled stainless steel and vacuum insulated for maximum temperature control – my favourite cup! Decoration options include pad print, laser engrave and a classy mirror finish laser engrave. Available in 2 sizes.


Koffee Kup
Available in a range of sizes and colour combinations, the original reusable coffee cup is BPA free plastic with silicone bands. Available single or double-walled. Lids include options of swivel or button stoppers or flip spouts.

Wheat Straw Cups
280 ml capacity made of biodegradable wheat straw and double layer insulation design.


And what’s a coffee order without a coffee carry bag! Cut down on the cardboard carry trays and use a non-woven bag that holds 4 coffee cups.


Whether the cup be a staff gift or a client give-away – why not complete it with choc-coated coffee beans for that “little extra something”!


Reusable Promotional Trolley Bags

These reusable promotional shopping bags are designed to make your trips to the supermarket easier. By standing upright in the trolley they make it easy to pack the bags while in the store and alsoreusable_promotional_trolley_bag remove the bags to load into your car and again at home.


Coming in different colours it allows you to separate your groceries by type. With a large print area that makes for a great promotional item that gets used at least on a weekly basis.


Promo Beach Mat’s – to keep your branding working all summer long

Summer-time is a time for rest, relaxation and enjoying the great Aussie sun. However your brand does not need to take a rest, we have a great range of summer-themed promotional products that will keep your brand working all summer long.


These promo beach mats are a great example of this, they have a large branding area and deliver a practical use for your clients.