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Cheesey Christmas Gift Ideas for Entertaining

Practical and stunning, these cheeseboards are made from Acacia Wood which is known for its unique and natural contrasting patterns – no two units are identical. The use of laser engraving into the wood leaves a unique and permanent impression that further enhances the look and feel of the acacia wood. They make the perfect […]

Charge your next Promotion

Regular readers of this blog know how much we love a promotional item that has functionality (increasing users engagement) and a great location. These upright induction wireless chargers do both these things. Wireless means ease of use for your client, no more mucking around with cables. The upright stand allows the phone to face the […]

Give Your Brand the Cool Edge

Creating fun around your brand is a great way to market your message in a consistent and assimilable way. Branded sports equipment is one way we can do this, There is many options including snowboards, surf boards, skate boards and yoga mats. They can be used as a gift for purchase, occasion gifts (Christmas & […]

Need to Subtly Portray a Multi-Functionality Product?

This multi purpose pen has 6 functions making it of great utility value on anyone’s desk. The Multi Pen incorporates a stylus, 2 rules, a phillips and flat head screwdriver, mobile phone stand, phone screen cleaner and of course a writing pen. This type of multi functional promotional product is great for subtly (or overtly […]

A Promo with Bounce

Sporting items have been a popular promotional item for years due to their versatility as both a good branding option and useful and fun item for the customer. The affiliation of tennis with summer makes branded tennis balls a great summer promotion. We supply generic tennis balls which are fine general promotions and for man’s […]

Make more Connections by Going Wireless

Promotional products gain greater impact when we they are useful and innovative all in one. We all experience the same issue – battery life! Wireless charging is a growing rapidly as it makes it easier to charge your smartphone without the hassle of cables. There is no need for cable between your phone and the […]

Need Special Op’s for your next Promo?

Check out these caps from the retail quality brand Decky. While the Camo look is not for everyone it can certainly enhance a theme for team building events, boot camps, fitness trainers or even just for that rugged outdoor look. With their varied print they also hide the dirt well, which means the cap will […]

Jute Promo Bag That Plants Trees

Environmentally friendly Promotional Bags have been a big winner as a promotional item for a number of years now. These new Jute promo bags made from vegetable fibres that are biodegradable come as a great alternative to plastic bags. Every purchase of these bags also fund a pilot program that is dedicated to replanting degraded […]