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Get Physical; Get Results

In the digital age where we are all overloaded with emails, EDM’s (electronic direct mail), Spam, Pop-Up ads etc; it is harder and harder to get your marketing message read. So how

Lumpy Mail Works

Lumpy Mail Works

can we differentiate our marketing message to ensure it gets read?

Time to get physical. We live in a real world, with real senses. Direct Mail has always had a good success rate for sales conversions. This infographic brilliantly lays out the benefits of direct mail replacing or included in an email campaign.

Seth Godin’s book The Free Prize Inside reminds us all of the childhood fun of receiving a prize (toy) in cereal boxes growing up. The anticipation of gaining the toy leads to great excitement, this feeling ie further enhanced the gift comes unannounced.

This is where “Lumpy Mail” comes in. This is where we include a promotional product with the direct mail piece (hence the lumpy mail name). This adds not only the benefits of the tactile nature of a promotional product to your message, but it also rewards your customer for reading your marketing message.

Lumpy mail gets noticed, think of the physical mail that comes across your desk. The one that stands out is the one that is obviously not a bill and is of irregular shape. Plus even if your flyer/brochure makes it way into the “round filing cabinet”; the promo item will be kept for weeks, months or even years.

Mailable Items are chosen to be small and robust enough to mail, and cost-effective enough to be broadly distributed. Many mailable promotional items are small and light enough to go in a standard DL envelope; keeping the mailing costs down. This lowers the cost of acquisition.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
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Charge your next Promotion

Regular readers of this blog know how much we love a promotional item that has functionality (increasing users engagement) and a great location. These upright induction wireless chargers do both these things.

Wireless means ease of use for your client, no more mucking around with cables. The upright stand allows the phone to face the user, making it easy to view videos, texts and incoming calls. Typically these are used on desks so your branding gets pride of place in the work environment.


With a huge 103 mm diameter printing area in full colour, it makes for a great branding piece with plenty of real estate to get your message out there.

For more on promotional induction charges click here

Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

A Promo with Bounce

Sporting items have been a popular promotional item for years due to their versatility as both a good branding option and useful and fun item for the customer. The affiliation of tennis with summer makes branded tennis balls a great summer promotion.

We supply generic tennis balls which are fine general promotions and for man’s best friend. However if your customers are serious tennis lovers; then a retail brand like the Wilson Tennis balls pictured are better suited as performance is important.

Wilson Tennis Balls

                      Wilson Tennis Balls

These branded Wilson tennis balls are a traditional performance standard, featuring exclusive Dura-Weave felt.

Extra Duty: Excellent performance and durability on all court surface types

Wilson Championship Tennis Balls

Wilson Championship Tennis Balls

Reducing Waste can be a Shoe-In

Of the 3 R’s of recycling (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), Reduce is perhaps the most powerful R as it means unnecessary items are not produced in the first place therefore negating or limiting the need for the other 2.

Puma’s answer to this was the Clever Little Bag which uses 65% less cardboard and has no laminated printing or tissue paper. It also weighs less and takes up less space than a traditional shoe box which means shipping costs are reduced.


The Clever Little Bag also becomes a carry bag which negates the need for a shopping bag along with making a convenient promotional item. Promotional items with the greatest practical use will return the greatest cost per impression.


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
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Why Use Recognised Promotional Suppliers

We often get customers asking us to purchase and brand certain products they find online or in retails stores. We are often quote hesitant to do this for several reasons.

Designated Promotional Products are :

1) Manufactured to produce good print area’s so that your message / logo gets maximum exposure
2) Made to be printed, laser engraved etc so the logo sticks and stays. Often, other products need to be treated before hand which adds costs
3) Liability – we have relationships with regular suppliers which is our safety net if something goes wrong. This is not only with the item itself but there can be complications in the printing
4) Often, retail products are packaged in blisters packs etc which adds costs to remove the packaging before printing and then looks unsightly when repacked into the same packaging
5) When looking online at overseas pricing,  add-ons like freight, customs fees are often not easy to calculate and severely increase the costs
6) Payment – you need to pay for these items upfront, meaning all liability sits with the payee if the product is not up to spec, delivered in full or does not turn up at all

promotional products work

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist

For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Customise thru the Clutter

With so many advertising mediums available today, you often hear advertising types say cliches such as “cutting through the clutter”. While old and cliched, it is very true, the average consumer will be exposed to at least 3,000 ads per day. Talk about clutter!

custom promotional umbrella

This is one of the reasons why in the promotional product industry, we encourage the use of customised products – not just to be unique but more importantly, to be smart. By customising in a way that makes your customer notice and think about your promotional item then the uptake of your message or brand is increased dramatically. Particularly when the client using the promo item either shows off the funky item or has other people mention it – reinforcement is a powerful tool!

Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist

For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Maximising Your Promotions Budget

When choosing how to allocate your promotional budget it is critical to understand the Cost-Per -Impression (CPI). CPI’s are used to measure the effetiveness of advertising, it calculates how much it costs to make an impression on a target client.

For example, if a $3,000 magazine advertisment gets viewed once by 100,000 potential clients the CPI is 3 cents. However if you gave out 1,500 branded bags at a total cost of $3,000 which has an average veiwing of 9.33 times per month for the year, than this works out to a CPI of 1.8 cents (also this does not include the number of views by potential cleints passing by).

A study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute and published in Promotion (March-April 09) revealed the following findings. Compare the numbers below and you will see the value promotional products can have in your campaign

Medium / CPI

Cost-Per-Impression of Promo Products

Caps $0.002, Bags $0.002, Writing Instruments $0.002, Shirts $0.005, Other Wearables $0.016, National Magazine $0.033, Newspaper Ad $0.019, Prime Time TV $0.019

This data illustrates that an ad in a national magazine can cost you over 15 times more and a newspaper ad almost 10 times more than adveritising on a pen, cap or bag for the same result. You can work out from this which is giving you more bang for your buck.

Another way to use the CPI measurment is when comparing costs of the same goods. A good exmaple here is with promotional pens, 2 pens can look, feel and write the same but one can be priced cheaper than the other. One way manufacturers keep their costs down is by putting less ink in the pen. It is not uncommon for some pens to have as little as 500m of ink compared to some more reputable brands that have over 1.9km of ink. By using the CPI you can work out that the 2nd pen will last almost 4 times longer, and usualy only costs about 15-20% more. In this case the cheaper pen is far more expensive per impression.


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist

For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Being Unique Counts

In an over-stimulated market we all are looking to find a way to stand out from the pack. Being unique conjures up an emotional connection between your brand (or product) and something special for the client – everybody wants to feel special.

4Promote Madison Goldfish Brand Identity Mascot

I think at times we try too hard to create something new when what we need is a soft innovation (refer to Seth Godin’s book – Free Prize Inside). I’m all for trying something new (no rewards without risk – right?), but often it is simply a matter of taking something that works and tweaking it slightly.

Uniqueness allows you to be a niche of 1 in a crowded market place. It can position you as an innovator, always thinking ahead looking for new opportunities. It helps to maintain your branding/message as still RELEVANT.

All these attributes help separate your company/brand from the competition.

Uniqueness can be separated into 2 major areas –

4Promote Promotional Custom USB

Cricket USB

1) Unique to your industry – Certain promotions lend themselves to certain industries and tend to get used over and over again. However to be unique you need to come up with a promotional product that your industry has not encountered. This may involve some courage as it is much easier to follow the industry standard. (often called the magnetic middle) The example below (USB cricket bat) is a good example as not only did it fit in with the sporting nature of the industry the client is involved in, but also creates a nice emotional tie-in for those that love cricket.

4Promote Promotional Custom Keyring

Promotional Keyring Nintendo Wii

2) Unique to your product – does the promotion have a link to your product. When Nintendo launched their their Wii game console with its unique hand-held wireless remote, they capitalised on this point of differentiation by designing a keychain flashlight replica of the remote. I would deem this a “soft innovation” – keyring flashlights have been around for years. This was just a way of making it unique.

To create a unique promotional product takes time in both the ideation and production phases, so get in early and contact your promotional products consultant.


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist

For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –