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The Compendium that Reduces Clutter at Every Meeting

Check out this functional A5 journal compendium with the added benefit of being a device holder. What a great way to keep your hands free as you travel from meeting to meeting.

Made of a soft PU leather the compendium is affordable while still delivering a classy finish. When custom branded, this type of promo item delivers great branding to not only the recipient but to everyone they meet with as well.

Features –

  • Veclro device stand
  • Magnetic closure
  • 2 Elasticated device holders
  • Pen loop (pen not included)
  • Durable but soft PU leather cover
  • 80 leaf notebook with PU cover

This is a promo item that works well for sales reps, executives and staff/client Christmas gifts.

Raise your Brand with 3D Printing

We know evoking our senses increases the effectiveness of our marketing by creating a greater emotional connection. It is not just the physical/tactile form of promotional products that can evoke our senses, we can enhance this with the decoration method we use.


This collection of journals can be branded with 3D Logo-Print technology which delivers a (raised) 3D print in full colour. This automatically hits on 2 of the senses, touch and sight, the greater the number of senses, the greater the emotional connection.


If you would like to learn how promotional products can be used to evoke all 5 senses (taste, sight, touch, smell and sound) in your marketing, contact us on 02 9212 6600.