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Need to Subtly Portray a Multi-Functionality Product?

This multi purpose pen has 6 functions making it of great utility value on anyone’s desk. The Multi Pen incorporates a stylus, 2 rules, a phillips and flat head screwdriver, mobile phone stand, phone screen cleaner and of course a writing pen.

This type of multi functional promotional product is great for subtly (or overtly if you want) portray that your product has multi functionalities.

Promotional products that have functional value generally have a greater use and recall. In fact, research by the Promotional Products Association International found that functionality are one of the top 3 reason people keep promotional products (along with fun and trendy).

Beyond Stubby Coolers – Growlers

Stubby Coolers have long been a promotional product favourite due to their cost effectiveness and broad spectrum appeal. Now there are options for the keen beer lover. Beer Growler’s have been growing in popularity over recent years and are now available from the promotional products industry to promote your brand.

4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-1.8-Litre-Beer-Growler1.8 Litre Beer Growler

These 1.8 Litre Growlers are made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel and an attached swing top which offers long-lasting freshness and ensures you’re giving your beer the tender loving care it deserves.

This is an ideal gift any beer lover would appreciate.


The Milano Executive Tech Travel Wallet

Travelling is fun – especially when you’re on vacation!

But packing up your essential things becomes a hassle when deciding how to carry them all! Work trips are usually last minute, quick and involve lots of running around gathering all the essentials to ensure that you remain in touch, despite being on the Go!

Searching for the right promotional product to promote your business during your trips or meetings?

4Promote-Promotional-Products-Milano Executive-Tech-Travel-Wallet(1)

The Milano Executive Tech Travel Wallet can keep all of your travel essentials at hand and secured. It holds your mobile phone, cards and other travel accessories with its multiple storage options. This wallet can fit easily into any satchel or handbag.

Getting tired of your phone dying on you during important conversations? Hassled about where you put that charger and where to charge it?  With its own built-in 4,000mAh power charger, the Milano Executive Tech Travel Wallet can juice up your mobile device anywhere you go.

The Milano Executive Tech Travel wallet has an elegant Italian PU finish with a charcoal herringbone pattern perfect for today’s business man / woman. Look smart and impress your business associates and potential clients. Compact and lightweight, easy to carry around because of  its slim-line wrist strap. What more do you need in a wallet?

4Promote-Promotional-Products-Milano Executive-Tech-Travel-Wallet(2)

This is the ideal promotional product to carry around while promoting your brand with an elegant and smart look.

How to Promote a product with Multiple Uses

When promoting a product with multiple uses it makes sense to use a multi-use promotional product. This creates a subconscious correlation in the customers mind, the messages seems congruent, it seems smart.

There are many promotional product options for this including stylus pens, stylus USB flash drives, fitness bottles dumbbells through to caps with built in LED lights.


Plastic Dumbell Sports Bottle w/Screw Top Lid - 650mL, The Mini Martello Key Chain, Santa Fe Stylus Ballpoint Pen

Promotional Products with Multiple Uses


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist

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What are Texting Gloves?

You may have seen Texting Gloves in retail shops and wondered what they are for?

Most smartphones and tablets have what is called Capacity Touch, the screen registers movements by picking up fluctuations in the screens electrical fields. Our fingers work well on these types of screens as they give off electrical impulses, cover those fingers with a non conductive glove and the screen will no longer react.

promotional texting glove

Texting Glove

Texting Gloves and Conductive Stylus’s work by using a conductive material that interact with the smartphone/tablet screen.

Both of these items are available as a promotional product, which make a stylish and functional item for your customer.

Promotional Stylus Pen with Light

Flashlight Ballpoint Pen / Stylus

You can find more Promotional I.T. Products here.


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Maximising Your Promotions Budget

When choosing how to allocate your promotional budget it is critical to understand the Cost-Per -Impression (CPI). CPI’s are used to measure the effetiveness of advertising, it calculates how much it costs to make an impression on a target client.

For example, if a $3,000 magazine advertisment gets viewed once by 100,000 potential clients the CPI is 3 cents. However if you gave out 1,500 branded bags at a total cost of $3,000 which has an average veiwing of 9.33 times per month for the year, than this works out to a CPI of 1.8 cents (also this does not include the number of views by potential cleints passing by).

A study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute and published in Promotion (March-April 09) revealed the following findings. Compare the numbers below and you will see the value promotional products can have in your campaign

Medium / CPI

Cost-Per-Impression of Promo Products

Caps $0.002, Bags $0.002, Writing Instruments $0.002, Shirts $0.005, Other Wearables $0.016, National Magazine $0.033, Newspaper Ad $0.019, Prime Time TV $0.019

This data illustrates that an ad in a national magazine can cost you over 15 times more and a newspaper ad almost 10 times more than adveritising on a pen, cap or bag for the same result. You can work out from this which is giving you more bang for your buck.

Another way to use the CPI measurment is when comparing costs of the same goods. A good exmaple here is with promotional pens, 2 pens can look, feel and write the same but one can be priced cheaper than the other. One way manufacturers keep their costs down is by putting less ink in the pen. It is not uncommon for some pens to have as little as 500m of ink compared to some more reputable brands that have over 1.9km of ink. By using the CPI you can work out that the 2nd pen will last almost 4 times longer, and usualy only costs about 15-20% more. In this case the cheaper pen is far more expensive per impression.


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist

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