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Just like there are different types of writing instruments, there are also different types of ink.

This post is replicated from one of our writing instrument suppliers, BIC. It highlights the different types of ink available for promotional pens.

Our products and inks comply with the strictest international product safety laws and standards.
The most popular writing instrument ink system. Over 2 kms of write-out is available on our BIC® Round Stic® & Clic Stic family and over 2 kms of write-out is available on almost all other popular BIC writing instruments.
Gel Ink
Offers smooth, fluid writing. Available Gel Products: BIC® Intensity® Clic Gel and Atlantis® Gel options available Norwood by BIC writing instruments in the Lyra Pen.
Similar in construction to a ballpoint but uses a smoother ball and more fluid ink. BIC® Roller Ball features a free ink technology which flows through a baffle delivery system and provides a visible supply of ink.
Low odour, quick-drying, permanent, alcohol-based ink. Suitable for use on most surfaces glass, metal, coated paper, photos and plastic Acrylic bullet tip gives line width BIC® Permanent Markers that can be uncapped for three weeks without drying!


BIC® inks undergo a toxicological review by the Duke University Medical Center under the WIMA (Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association) certification program. Duke University bases its review on the guidelines set forth by the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission).

Our ink cartridges are analyzed for up to two years to test shelf life and write-out times. To ensure quality and performance of our inks, all cartridges are date stamped. Components of our cartridges are produced by the highest quality cartridge manufacturers from all over the world, including Switzerland and Germany. Points are stainless steel, brass or nickel silver and balls are made of tungsten carbide. Many of our items are refillable which gives you the ability to use them over and over again. In addition, many of our inks have over 2 kilometers of writing ink. By developing long lasting and lightweight products that are made to last, there is less impact on the environment.

AdNews article – While Real Mail works Better than Ever

There was an interesting article in AdNews,  talking about the effectiveness of real (physical mail).

Some of the main points are –

  • Over 92% of recipients open direct mail
  • It remains in the home for some 38 days
  • Ability to connect with the 5 senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, sound)
  • Due to online shopping, people are checking their letterboxes more
  • Human touch is a powerful form of non-verbal communication and triggers memory neuroscience stimulants

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How to make your Brand good on the Nose

Marketing is more effective when we evoke strong senses, and the olfactory senses (smell), are amongst the strongest. Through a variety of pleasant scents, these custom branded Reed Diffusers take advantage of this to create awareness for your brand.

Reed diffusers are flame free and require no power source, unlike candles which also create heat and smoke. The willow reeds absorb the fragrance, translocating it upwards before it is dispersed naturally through evaporation into the environment.

They work equally as well in the office or at home, giving your brand a warm, welcoming kind of feel.

Reusable Promotional Trolley Bags

These reusable promotional shopping bags are designed to make your trips to the supermarket easier. By standing upright in the trolley they make it easy to pack the bags while in the store and alsoreusable_promotional_trolley_bag remove the bags to load into your car and again at home.


Coming in different colours it allows you to separate your groceries by type. With a large print area that makes for a great promotional item that gets used at least on a weekly basis.


Promo Beach Mat’s – to keep your branding working all summer long

Summer-time is a time for rest, relaxation and enjoying the great Aussie sun. However your brand does not need to take a rest, we have a great range of summer-themed promotional products that will keep your brand working all summer long.


These promo beach mats are a great example of this, they have a large branding area and deliver a practical use for your clients.


Time to Cool Off the Shopping Bag Debate

We are all being encouraged to bring our own bags to the supermarket. This has created a promotional opportunity for many companies with branded shopping bags.

These insulated grocery totes offer something a little different. Often a shopper has between 10 and 30 minutes before getting the groceries home, these insulated shoppingpromo_insulated_shopping_bag bags allow the frozen foods to stay frozen, hot foods to stay hot, and fresh fruits and vegetables to stay fresh.

As we often state, when your promotional products deliver utility for the customer, they create greater engagement for your brand.


Magnets – A Recipe for Advertising Success

Promotional magnets have been a mainstay advertising medium for real estate agents, plumbers, electricians and pest control operators for years. And that is for good reason, they are cost-effective, last a long time and have can have a large enough print area to deliver all your details and your message.

I like what Long Track Pantry, a cafe in Jugiong NSW, has done with the magnet below. By printing one of their signature recipes on the magnet, it increases the likelihood that the magnet will be used.


As we often say, the promotional item has a utility or informational value to the client, then it is more likely to be used therefore the brand message gains greater impact.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Colour Up for more Engagement

If you can increase a client’s interactivity with your brand, you then create greater engagement, which leads to greater retention of your brand and brand messaging. A great example is this car wrap by Bear Designs for the  Bulldogs NRL team


Steeden footballs also did a similar promo item with the colouring-in ball below. Also, we have promotional tote bags, colouring in books and a lot of other items that can create greater interactivity with your brand.

Colour-in promo products work well not just for kids, they can make for a great team builder, icebreaker for corporate events and training.


Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Desktop Marketing

Location and timing are important aspects of advertising, both of which can be hard to get right. This is where a little customer knowledge of your customer’s buying habits is good. If your customer is making purchasing decisions at their desk then this becomes the right location.

The next factor is timing, this can be a little more difficult. Unless you know the timing of your customers purchasing decisions, then best to go for a promotional product that will sit on the desk for a prolonged time.

Ideal desktop promotional items include pen caddy’s, mouse mats, mugs, water bottles, USB hubs, clocks, lamps, calculators and rulers.

Real Estate Marketing

Marketing for Real estate customers is one of the most intensive and competitive there is. With real estate generally the largest purchase/sale most people make; portraying trust is vitally important. It is not just trust in general, but trust over all the real estate competitors that must be portrayed.

This is where a well thought out promotional products campaign will gain a better return on investment over cheap or generic promotional products. Every real estate agent is doing magnets, keyring, pens etc. What are you doing to differentiate from the competition?

A well thought out promotional program will include –

  • The company’s Unique Selling Proposition
  • A local area marketing campaign
  • Joint Ventures
  • Positioning to gain exposure to your contact’s family and friends
  • Mailable items for low cost but still broad coverage
  • Contact information – make it easy for the client

It is good to split the promotional items into two categories:

1) Community Awareness

Umbrella’s, Golf Balls (recycle through the local community), USB Key Flash Drive, Magnets, Marquees, Coffee Carry Bags, Drink Bottles for sports teams, Shopping Bags (for both areas)

2) Housewarming Gifts

Oven mitts, Aprons, Firestarters, Tape Measures, Torch, Box Cutters, Tool Kits, Screwdrivers, Smart Plugs, Fridge Magnet Clips, Food Clips, BBQ sets, Jar Openers, Reed Diffuser

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