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How to Market On a Smartphone

Smartphones have become almost like a physical attachment, and we know more than half of online shopping is done on a smartphone rather than a desktop, and this is only increasing.

That’s where these little screen cleaners come in as an effective and useful promo item. The microfibre cloth can be custom printed in full colour and can be custom shaped and sized. They come attached to a custom printed cardboard which turns this into a great mini brochure.

The microfibre cloth attaches to the back of the phone/tablet with a reusable sticker on the reverse side. This allows the microfibre cleaning cloth to be used over and over hundreds of times.

The cloths are great at cleaning body oils leftover from fingerprints and smudges. Suitable for sunglasses, eyeglasses, smartphones, e-book readers, camera lenses, monitors, collectables and tablets.

Being small, lightweight and low in cost, they are great for mailers, trade shows or even as a unique business card.

AdNews article – While Real Mail works Better than Ever

There was an interesting article in AdNews,  talking about the effectiveness of real (physical mail).

Some of the main points are –

  • Over 92% of recipients open direct mail
  • It remains in the home for some 38 days
  • Ability to connect with the 5 senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, sound)
  • Due to online shopping, people are checking their letterboxes more
  • Human touch is a powerful form of non-verbal communication and triggers memory neuroscience stimulants

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Dental Floss as a promo item – brings a smile to your face

Sometimes a promotional item just makes sense, much like not having to explain a punchline to a joke! This Dental Floss dispenser makes an ideal gift come business card for dentists and those in the oral hygiene sector.


With 10 metres of mint flavoured floss, a mirror and full-colour printing, this business card sized promo item makes for a great business card that will be kept way beyond that of the usual paper cards that have little functional use for the recipient.

With dentistry being a local business, local area marketing is an important strategy, your customers have friends that live locally, this is a great way to get local people talking about your dentist shop.

Being small and lightweight they are a cost-effective promo item to send out as Direct Mail (mailable promo).

Enough to bring a smile to your face!

How Evernote use Promotional Stickers to help customers and turn them into mini billboards

Stickers are a common promotional item that has been used for everything from political campaigns, cause advertising, supporting local football teams etc. They work as they are cost-effective on large scale, easy to ship and allow the recipient to show their support for their team, cause etc.

They come in many forms for different uses; like outdoors use, car bumpers, laptops etc. They also come made of different materials like epoxy domes, metallic, reflective and waterproof materials.

While marketers often use them for brand awareness, there are much more effective ways to use promotional stickers. A good case study is what Evernote did when they heard customers complain about employees using laptops in meetings.

Their response was to produce a laptop sticker that said –

“I’m not being rude. I’m taking notes in Evernote”


Their customers then became mini billboards for Evernote from meeting to meeting.



Notice when you buy an Apple product you get an Apple sticker in the box, these guys know what they are doing when it comes to leveraging loyal supporters.