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Keep your Keys Safe with the Neoprene Wristband Keyring

These neoprene wristband keyring’s make for a great summer time promotion. Perfect for use around water and for any activity where having keys in the pocket means they are risk of falling out.

They have a good sized branding area, for only a couple of bucks, they are great way to keep your brand working all summer long.

Custom Branded Stainless Steel Straws

These stainless straws are one way to cut down on single-use plastic straws while creating a good branding opportunity. They come in a range of colours, can be custom printed or laser engraved on the straws. The pouch can also be custom branded.

The stainless steel straws are perfectly safe for use, with no coatings, plastics, BPA or phthalates.


How to promote Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Smart companies are looking at creating a healthy environment for the workplace as a way of promoting emotional well being.

Healthier employees often mean –

  • Greater staff motivation and retention, employees who feel that they are looked after are more committed
  • Healthy employees are often happy employees which can lead to better customer experiences


There are various ways to approach this through activities such as team sports, outdoor activities, gym memberships, ergonomic work areas etc. But as a promotional products company, we have to also mention that the message is also important as a motivator and reminder. There is a whole range of promo items we can use to reinforce the message. Below is just a few, contact us for more options.

  • Lunch Boxes/Coolerspromo_lunch_box
  • Shake Bottles
  • Sunscreen
  • Drink (water) bottles
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Pedometers
  • Yoga Mats
  • Skipping Ropes
  • Sleep Masks
  • Dental Floss

Going Wireless

These new wireless stereo earphones make for a great promotional product for all ages. Handy for use during a workout, at the office or just pumping out some tunes. They make a great gift or sales incentive.

They combine the latest in sound technology by providing true stereo sound without the need for a cable connection. These Bluetooth enable earphones offer the user individual left and right channels than can work as a pair or separately with any Bluetooth device. Leave your paired device out of sight up to 10 metres away and enjoy the true wireless stereo sound for up to 5 hours.

These earphones are recharged in their own robust storage case and include a micro USB charge cable and user manual.

The earphones come in white, black, gold, red and pink. Your logo can be printed on the case and each earphone.

Market to Me

Marketing is always more effective when it is relevant to the target audience; ie; speak in their language, act and play as they do. We all build affinity and trust for people who are “like us”.

I remember many years ago, I was working on an incentive program for a petrochemical company for guys building new plant for an oil refinery. The person in charge from the client end had great taste in promotional merchandise but missed the point of direct relevance to the intended beneficiaries. Items like artisan cheese boards, picnic sets etc just didn’t have the same attraction (incentive) for guys who love their footy, a beer and fishing.

Promotional products that fit well are branded footballs, fishing kits, leatherman multi tools, retail brand sunglasses (Maui Jim, Oakley, Nike etc.), esky, thermos and etc.

When marketing to tradesmen think of what they like and also what is their office space. Mouse mats, desk items may not be so applicable for these guys. On site there is often a lunch shed, this is a great place for promotional products – usually the guys start the day there, come in for “smoko” , lunch and finish the day off there.


Items that fit well in a lunch shed and get used every day are – wall clocks, playing cards, jenga, coffee mugs, wall calendars.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Your Brand doesn’t Need a Holiday

Just because summer holidays are fast approaching; it doesn’t mean your brand needs to take a vacation. One of the great benefits of promotional products is that they can work 24/7, all year round  for you. Even better if you clients get to associate a relaxing and fun time with your brand.

Summer holidays in Australia often involve lots of sun and water. Here is just a few cool summer promotional products that fit this scenario and offer your clients something a little extra.

Promotional Waterproof BagWaterproof Bag – ideal for the beach, boating, water sports or anywhere near water as the contents will remain completely dry.

Promotional SunglassesFolding Sunglasses – protection and convenience in one product, and everyone is always scrambling for another pair of sunglasses.

Promotional Nautical CoolerNautical Cooler – what makes this cooler unique to most promotional coolers on the market is that the zippers are non-corrosive making it an ideal promotional item for activities near saltwater like for  boaters and beach goers.  Also the extra thick thermal insulated main cooler compartment keeps items cool for up to 2 days. This cooler is made of 210D polyester with latex rubber backing and PEVA lining, which means it does not leak.

So, keep your brand working, even when your are not.

Your brand does not need a holiday

Are your Clients Seen in Athleisure Wear

In recent times we have seen a fashion trend with people wearing their gym gear well beyond going to and from the gym. The sporty come stylish look, along with the comfortable nature of the materials, have seen this sector grow to annually to over $80B USD market globally. It’s also the fastest growing category in the apparel sector.

The term Athleisure comes from the combination of the words athletic and leisure. The materials are often the latest in cotton, spandex, sweat-wicking, breathable and stretching fibres.

The promotional products industry has always had a good range of sportswear, but in recent years the range has grown to include some of the latest trends in athleisure. Custom branded, athleisure makes for a good promotional item that your clients will love to wear, this all makes for a good cost per impression for your marketing dollars.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

It’s Time to Start thinking “Christmas”!!!

We all know that during the countdown to the end of the year, the weeks really do fly by. To avoid the “Christmas Rush” it is better to plan ahead of the holiday season to meet your deadlines or have your giveaways delivered on time.

One of the biggest aspects of holiday season planning will be to boost the message of your Marketing Campaign — what to offer, how much will it cost and when to offer it.

Create a marketing plan, sketch out your holiday marketing goals, areas of emphasis, a rough budget and prioritise customer delight but still in line with your brand message. If you want to drive your promotions this holiday season, position your products as a lifestyle choice. This strategy empowers the consumer to be part of an ideal (e.g. fitness, adrenaline junky, luxury and etc.). By human nature, we want to join these types of lifestyles. Therefore, the consumer mindset changes and are eager to embrace a lifestyle as they select your product over the competition.

Take Christmas to the next level with our fully customised advent calendars to promote your business during the Festive Season this year.

When you celebrate holidays early, you get a chance to have fun with your customers, outshine the competition, and dramatically increase sales.

Promoting to the Hood

Traditionally hoodies were used in the promotional products industry predominately as sports uniforms or for schools.

However that has changed in recent times; not only with the general trend in more casual dress in the broader community; but also due to the cooler styles and branding options available.

Materials have changed from basic cotton to include cool dry (moisture wicking types), cotton/polyester mixes, soft shell, nylon ripstop and even some that are more like a light weight jacket.

With 4-5 weeks notice we can also produce a fully custom branded hoodie!

Custom Branded Hoodie

Custom Branded Hoodie

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2015’s Color of the Year “Marsala”

The Pantone Colour Institute has announced “Marsala” as 2015’s Colour of the Year. A naturally robust and earthy wine red. It has an earthy shade with a bit of sophistication, charisma and a hearty yet stylish tone. It can enrich our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. This high varietal shade is universally appealing to the naked eye which makes it easy to incorporate with fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishing and interior.

Marsala-Fashion & Interior

Marsala can give your brand a more dramatic and at the same time grounding feel.  Its earthy shade is uniquely flexible and it can give a strong accent to many other colors. Eye-catching yet overwhelming or bright. The alluring shade immediately draws in consumers to its embracing warmth and natural earthiness. It can give a stirring and flavorful shade for your brand’s logo, apparel and accessories. Marsala is not just for fashion and design, it also fits perfectly for both high and low tech including periodicals as well as printed assets like calendars, stationery, and office items. Adding Marsala to your packaging can give it a more artistic look.

Visit Pantone Colour Institure for more information on Marsala.

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