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Hi Vis Bags – Be Seen and Be Safe

Did you know?????


What is High Visibility Clothing?

High Visibility clothing is made of a fluorescent and reflective material intended to ensure that the garment’s wearer can be easily seen by other people and stand out from any background – whether day or night, dusk or dawn, cloudy or sunny, inside or out.

High Visibility products are always associated with workers where visibility is key for their safety. Also practical for commuting to/from work or any environment where one needs to increase visibility to minimise accidents.

High Visibility products come in different sizes and shapes, from shoes to clothing and accessories such as bags, belts, caps etc.

New to the 4Promote range of high visibility workwear are the Hi-Vis backpacks and bags.

Heavy duty material, reflective tape, padded support backing system and shoulder straps, various pockets and hideaway storage areas, these bags are sure to stand out and complete the Hi-Vis workwear wardrobe.

Designed for toughness!








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