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Cap off a Summertime Promo

Custom branded caps have always been a popular promotional item. Traditionally navy and black have always been big sellers (mainly as they hide the dirt). This Cane Print with Mesh Back Trucker cap will keep pushing your next promotional cap ahead of the pack with this unique look.

It is a 6 panel cap with pre-curved peak and twin hole plastic strap. Your logo can be added with embroidery, plastisol transfer and thermal vinyl print.

The summer look makes it ideal for summertime promotions, coastal trade shows and events, and for cruise and travel companies.

Sports Ripstop Cap with Bee Hive Mesh and Towelling Sweatband

Check out this lightweight running cap, it has a reflective trim and touch-strap for safety, a towelling sweatband for comfort and beehive mesh sides for cooling. The rest of the cap is made of ripstop material for durability and lightness of weight.

The large front panel means you can custom brand with your logo with embroidery, plastisol transfer, screen printing or thermal vinyl print. This sports cap is ideal for corporate games, sponsorships and tram events.

Sports Ripstop with Bee Hive Mesh and Towelling Sweatband white/black

Sports Ripstop White/Black

Sports Ripstop with Bee Hive Mesh and Towelling Sweatband navy/grey

Sports Ripstop Navy/Grey

Sports Ripstop with Bee Hive Mesh and Towelling Sweatband black/grey

Sports Ripstop Black/Grey

Need a Summertime Promo?

The main message is the main message. A single is much more effective than multiple messages when it comes to advertising. When using promotional products to market your business you can also add in a subtle message without distracting from the main message.

An example is these Summertime hats that can be custom branded. Doing a summertime promotion, taking the team or VIP clients on an island getaway, then this promotional headwear with their summer designs just might be what you need.

Jute – Eco-Friendly Headwear Option

More and more promotional products are being made with sustainable materials. These promotional headwear are made from Jute which has a great sustainability profile.

Jute is a natural organic plant fibre, is rapidly renewable and very durable. Jute is both biodegradable and recyclable. Jute is colourfast and will not fade in sunlight which makes it ideal for promotional headwear. Jute also has good sound and heat insulating properties.

This is just a few of the styles of Jute promotional headwear options we have available that can all be custom branded with your logo.

Customise Your Cap!

With caps being one of the most popular promotional item giveaways – you want to make sure that your cap stands out from the rest.

With so many options for decoration you can make sure your cap looks as good as any retail brand out there!

At 4Promote, we can help turn your ideas into a unique customised design. Choose your design and material, colour theme and decoration – easy as 1, 2, 3!
4Promote-Decorated-Cap          4Promote-Sublimated-Cap-2             4Promote-Customised-Visor-Cap

Your customisation options are:
Structured or Unstructured, ie. floppy style in the crown or stiff

Your options are a choice of Cotton, Twill, Microfiber, Mesh, Polyester

Custom the Panels, Peak and Trims
Decoration type – embroidery, print, rubber badge, embossing, sublimation or a combination

Under Peak – customise seams colour, plain or printed
Closure Options – Velcro, slide buckle, metal buckle, fitted etc.

Eyelets – match or contrast
Button – cloth or metal, plain, printed, contrasting
Seam stitching – match or contrast
Sweatband options – choose colour, plain or printed
Click on the images to view the Diagram

Exmaples-of customised-parts


Marketing at Corporate Sporting Events


Red Bull Raglan Shirts

Picking the right apparel and headwear material is important when marketing at athletic and corporate sporting  events. Quite often companies will look to keep the costs low on the merchandise thinking that these are a one-off use. This is missing a really strong, long lasting  marketing opportunity.

Selecting the right promotional items and materials will :

1. Make it look like you know what you are doing – ie moisture wick shirts for runners or marathoners. This builds the perception that “hey they know us”.
2. Not abrasive on the wearer – the wrong material can cause skin irritation as the the athlete starts to perspire.
3. Lasts well beyond the event – get a long tail on your branding by selecting a product that the user will want to wear over and over.
4. Create an anchor in the mind of the athlete of a happy time – eg the marathon they ran in, you can add in the event name /date etc on the shirt, cap etc.
5. Great exposure – if you supply a team’s worth of clothing and headwear then you will get great exposure on the day.

4Promote-Sporting -Event-Promotional-Products



Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

How to be known for Safety

Marketing messages work best when they work on the subconscious of the recipient. This is because the recipient has a feeling of self discovery which creates ownership of the message.

Promotional LED Light Cap

LED Light Cap

One way to use this little gem is to use promotional products that send an underlying message. We usually find this works best when the branding message is with no mention of the capabilities of the promotional product.

promotional hi vis wrist band

Hi Vis Wrist Band

An example here is to use personal safety products like Hi Vis Wristbands for runners, LED lights that clip onto backpacks and bicycles. You brand is exposed to your customer with a product that protects them – now that’s a great place to be.

Click here for more Hi-Vis Products



Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist

For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Themed Based Promotions – Australia Day

Show your patriotic pride this Australia Day with an Australian themed promotional products. These promo items are already branded with the Aussie flag so all we need to do is add your branding.

Promotional Items - Australia Day Theme

Australia Day themed promotional items

These products plus many more are available with local stock so no worries with delivering before Australia day.


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist

For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –