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Styllo Stylus Pen

This Styllo Stylus pen is perfect for the cross between the digital and paper age. It comes with a smooth roller ball pen when you need to write on paper. It easily transitions to capacitive mesh stylus tip for working on a touchscreen and then into a precision disk stylus for creative people who need […]

Market on Your Clients Desk with this 5 Port Charger

Custom branded Technology items make for effective workplace promo items as they deliver utility value to the recipient (often in time of need), and are generally in the right location for when you want your clients to be looking at your brand. This 5 port charger sits on your client’s desk with up to 5 […]

Morning routines bring great branding opportunities with Reusable Coffee Cups

Nothing says daily routine like a morning coffee or cuppa’ so what a great opportunity and billboard for your branding/message. Reusable coffee/tea cups make a tremendous promotional product for this reason. Daily use ensures daily exposure of your message as well as lowering the impact on the environment compared to the usual takeaway cups. Reusable […]

Raise your Brand with 3D Printing

We know evoking our senses increases the effectiveness of our marketing by creating a greater emotional connection. It is not just the physical/tactile form of promotional products that can evoke our senses, we can enhance this with the decoration method we use. This collection of journals can be branded with 3D Logo-Print technology which delivers […]

Time to Start Planning with your 2019 Diaries

With 365 days of brand opportunities – Diaries are a great way for brand exposure! With print options of screen print, pad print, foil, emboss and digital print there are diaries to suit all budgets. A quality brand should be promoted with a quality product – Collins Debden – Australia’s leading diary supplier – has […]

Promote with Zen

These Zen tumblers are great multipurpose promotional mugs. Made of double-walled food-grade stainless steel; vacuum insulated; gives them maximum temperature control. They can hold ice for up to 24 hours! They also keep hot drinks HOT; for many hours. They can be used for coffee, tea, cocktail and wine; making them a truly versatile promotional […]