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Make your Tees Pop with 3D Screen Printing

3D decorations have been used for promotional products for many years, mainly to do with 3D embroidery and 3D pvc promo items. However traditional screen printing for t-shirts can also use this technology.

The Toy Story franchise created 3D printed t-shirts with the ChromoDepth® 3D technology. The print looks like a normal 2-dimensional screen print until you put on the glasses and then the t-shirt comes alive. This technology has many applications including printing on carpet, colouring books, packaging, promo tattoos etc.

Chromadepth-3d-shirt-glasses            toy_story_promo_t-shirt-TS

What a great way to make your message stand out.


Colour Up for more Engagement

If you can increase a client’s interactivity with your brand, you then create greater engagement, which leads to greater retention of your brand and brand messaging. A great example is this car wrap by Bear Designs for the  Bulldogs NRL team


Steeden footballs also did a similar promo item with the colouring-in ball below. Also, we have promotional tote bags, colouring in books and a lot of other items that can create greater interactivity with your brand.

Colour-in promo products work well not just for kids, they can make for a great team builder, icebreaker for corporate events and training.


Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
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Chill your next Promotion

As marketers we are always looking for new ways to position our brands in an engaging way. Custom branded bar fridges offer brands this. Perfect for the home, man-cave, office or workshed, they are a long lasting promotion.


Various shapes and sizes are available with add ons like LED lights. One option that really stands out is the LCD Translucent TV fridge. This version allows 3G and 4G connectivity so you can control your content remotely. You can not only run videos and live feeds; you can update them across the country all at once.


Going Wireless

These new wireless stereo earphones make for a great promotional product for all ages. Handy for use during a workout, at the office or just pumping out some tunes. They make a great gift or sales incentive.

They combine the latest in sound technology by providing true stereo sound without the need for a cable connection. These Bluetooth enable earphones offer the user individual left and right channels than can work as a pair or separately with any Bluetooth device. Leave your paired device out of sight up to 10 metres away and enjoy the true wireless stereo sound for up to 5 hours.

These earphones are recharged in their own robust storage case and include a micro USB charge cable and user manual.

The earphones come in white, black, gold, red and pink. Your logo can be printed on the case and each earphone.

Charge your next Promotion

Regular readers of this blog know how much we love a promotional item that has functionality (increasing users engagement) and a great location. These upright induction wireless chargers do both these things.

Wireless means ease of use for your client, no more mucking around with cables. The upright stand allows the phone to face the user, making it easy to view videos, texts and incoming calls. Typically these are used on desks so your branding gets pride of place in the work environment.


With a huge 103 mm diameter printing area in full colour, it makes for a great branding piece with plenty of real estate to get your message out there.

For more on promotional induction charges click here

Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Need to Subtly Portray a Multi-Functionality Product?

This multi purpose pen has 6 functions making it of great utility value on anyone’s desk. The Multi Pen incorporates a stylus, 2 rules, a phillips and flat head screwdriver, mobile phone stand, phone screen cleaner and of course a writing pen.

This type of multi functional promotional product is great for subtly (or overtly if you want) portray that your product has multi functionalities.

Promotional products that have functional value generally have a greater use and recall. In fact, research by the Promotional Products Association International found that functionality are one of the top 3 reason people keep promotional products (along with fun and trendy).

Getting Extra Creativity with Your Brand is in the Bag

Tote bags have been a long time favourite as a promotional item, and for good reason. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute; on average; a promotional tote bag delivers 5881 impressions!

Promo Bag Colouring in Tote Bag Custom

                                   Custom Colouring on Tote Bag

These Colouring-In-Tote Bags allow good interactivity with your brand (ie greater engagement) and allows your younger clients some creativity. Use a standard print or custom the print with your own branding and imagery.

Branding is on the tote bag and the crayon box. P.S The crayons are non-toxic.

Next Promo is in the Bag

Your next Promo is in the Bag

A Pen is just not a pen!

Nowadays the ole’ pen is not just a pen!

With technology quickly overtaking the role of hand written communication, the pen’s versatility has had to evolve.

Over time it has developed enhancements to be just not a writing instrument – it’s become a tool with the introduction of a stylus, it can carry data around with you on an included USB, through a banner pen it can communicate a detailed message. There are torch pens, tri-colour pens, pen & pencil pens, “leveller” pens, some have a small torch on the end for when you really want to write in the dead of night and there is a pen that has small flag notes included, for when you really want to write yourself a reminder and can’t find that bit of paper!

New to the market is the Shining Illuminated Stylus Pen which will light up your logo for dramatic impression. With twist tip action this pen will shine through your hands with the push of the stylus for illumination.

Shining Illuminated Stylus Pen

The good ole’ pen – keeps shining through! Still a huge favourite and bestseller for promotional products – an easy leave behind, always used!

Kylie Petteit
Promotions Consultant

Give your clients a Sweet Break

Ever struggle to get your message read when mailing clients? One of the major obstacles is the immense load of information that passes across your customer’s desk on a daily basis.

In the promotional products industry we have loads of ways of helping to interact with your client to get them to stop and give your marketing message some attention.

One sweet (pun intended) way of doing it is with confectionery, this little promo pictured here Promo Confectionery Kit Kat Promo Confectionery Kit Kat is a great way of delivering your message while encouraging your client to take a break. Millions of advertising dollars spent by Nestle has helped with the “Have a break, have a Kit Kat” theme – why not take advantage of it.