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Toblerone Swiss Up your next Promo

Branded Confectionery works well as a fun promo item that is always received well. It delivers a timeout for the client which is an ideal time for them to be reading your promotional literature.


Branded Toblerone bars deliver added impact due to the legendary reputation of the triangular shaped Swiss chocolate bar. Your clients know you are gifting a quality product which is a good association for your brand.

Branded Toblerone’s work well for product launches and as a Christmas gift add-on.


How much can a Gummy Bear?

Interesting fact about Gummy Bears – did you know that when you put them in tap water they expand?  Conversely if you put them in salt water they contract.

While this makes for a great plaything for children, they also make for a good promotional item. When using promotional confectionery you get more value out of well known retail items that are already familiar to your customers.

This is why some of the most popular confectionery items include Gummy Bears, Minties, Fantales, Freckles and Chico’s.

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It’s Time to Start thinking “Christmas”!!!

We all know that during the countdown to the end of the year, the weeks really do fly by. To avoid the “Christmas Rush” it is better to plan ahead of the holiday season to meet your deadlines or have your giveaways delivered on time.

One of the biggest aspects of holiday season planning will be to boost the message of your Marketing Campaign — what to offer, how much will it cost and when to offer it.

Create a marketing plan, sketch out your holiday marketing goals, areas of emphasis, a rough budget and prioritise customer delight but still in line with your brand message. If you want to drive your promotions this holiday season, position your products as a lifestyle choice. This strategy empowers the consumer to be part of an ideal (e.g. fitness, adrenaline junky, luxury and etc.). By human nature, we want to join these types of lifestyles. Therefore, the consumer mindset changes and are eager to embrace a lifestyle as they select your product over the competition.

Take Christmas to the next level with our fully customised advent calendars to promote your business during the Festive Season this year.

When you celebrate holidays early, you get a chance to have fun with your customers, outshine the competition, and dramatically increase sales.

Give your clients a Sweet Break

Ever struggle to get your message read when mailing clients? One of the major obstacles is the immense load of information that passes across your customer’s desk on a daily basis.

In the promotional products industry we have loads of ways of helping to interact with your client to get them to stop and give your marketing message some attention.

One sweet (pun intended) way of doing it is with confectionery, this little promo pictured here Promo Confectionery Kit Kat Promo Confectionery Kit Kat is a great way of delivering your message while encouraging your client to take a break. Millions of advertising dollars spent by Nestle has helped with the “Have a break, have a Kit Kat” theme – why not take advantage of it.