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Real Estate Marketing

Marketing for Real estate customers is one of the most intensive and competitive there is. With real estate generally the largest purchase/sale most people make; portraying trust is vitally important. It is not just trust in general, but trust over all the real estate competitors that must be portrayed.

This is where a well thought out promotional products campaign will gain a better return on investment over cheap or generic promotional products. Every real estate agent is doing magnets, keyring, pens etc. What are you doing to differentiate from the competition?

A well thought out promotional program will include –

  • The company’s Unique Selling Proposition
  • A local area marketing campaign
  • Joint Ventures
  • Positioning to gain exposure to your contact’s family and friends
  • Mailable items for low cost but still broad coverage
  • Contact information – make it easy for the client

It is good to split the promotional items into two categories:

1) Community Awareness

Umbrella’s, Golf Balls (recycle through the local community), USB Key Flash Drive, Magnets, Marquees, Coffee Carry Bags, Drink Bottles for sports teams, Shopping Bags (for both areas)

2) Housewarming Gifts

Oven mitts, Aprons, Firestarters, Tape Measures, Torch, Box Cutters, Tool Kits, Screwdrivers, Smart Plugs, Fridge Magnet Clips, Food Clips, BBQ sets, Jar Openers, Reed Diffuser

For more products ideas click here

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Chill your next Promotion

As marketers we are always looking for new ways to position our brands in an engaging way. Custom branded bar fridges offer brands this. Perfect for the home, man-cave, office or workshed, they are a long lasting promotion.


Various shapes and sizes are available with add ons like LED lights. One option that really stands out is the LCD Translucent TV fridge. This version allows 3G and 4G connectivity so you can control your content remotely. You can not only run videos and live feeds; you can update them across the country all at once.


Market to Me

Marketing is always more effective when it is relevant to the target audience; ie; speak in their language, act and play as they do. We all build affinity and trust for people who are “like us”.

I remember many years ago, I was working on an incentive program for a petrochemical company for guys building new plant for an oil refinery. The person in charge from the client end had great taste in promotional merchandise but missed the point of direct relevance to the intended beneficiaries. Items like artisan cheese boards, picnic sets etc just didn’t have the same attraction (incentive) for guys who love their footy, a beer and fishing.

Promotional products that fit well are branded footballs, fishing kits, leatherman multi tools, retail brand sunglasses (Maui Jim, Oakley, Nike etc.), esky, thermos and etc.

When marketing to tradesmen think of what they like and also what is their office space. Mouse mats, desk items may not be so applicable for these guys. On site there is often a lunch shed, this is a great place for promotional products – usually the guys start the day there, come in for “smoko” , lunch and finish the day off there.


Items that fit well in a lunch shed and get used every day are – wall clocks, playing cards, jenga, coffee mugs, wall calendars.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

It’s Time to Start thinking “Christmas”!!!

We all know that during the countdown to the end of the year, the weeks really do fly by. To avoid the “Christmas Rush” it is better to plan ahead of the holiday season to meet your deadlines or have your giveaways delivered on time.

One of the biggest aspects of holiday season planning will be to boost the message of your Marketing Campaign — what to offer, how much will it cost and when to offer it.

Create a marketing plan, sketch out your holiday marketing goals, areas of emphasis, a rough budget and prioritise customer delight but still in line with your brand message. If you want to drive your promotions this holiday season, position your products as a lifestyle choice. This strategy empowers the consumer to be part of an ideal (e.g. fitness, adrenaline junky, luxury and etc.). By human nature, we want to join these types of lifestyles. Therefore, the consumer mindset changes and are eager to embrace a lifestyle as they select your product over the competition.

Take Christmas to the next level with our fully customised advent calendars to promote your business during the Festive Season this year.

When you celebrate holidays early, you get a chance to have fun with your customers, outshine the competition, and dramatically increase sales.

Give your clients a Sweet Break

Ever struggle to get your message read when mailing clients? One of the major obstacles is the immense load of information that passes across your customer’s desk on a daily basis.

In the promotional products industry we have loads of ways of helping to interact with your client to get them to stop and give your marketing message some attention.

One sweet (pun intended) way of doing it is with confectionery, this little promo pictured here Promo Confectionery Kit Kat Promo Confectionery Kit Kat is a great way of delivering your message while encouraging your client to take a break. Millions of advertising dollars spent by Nestle has helped with the “Have a break, have a Kit Kat” theme – why not take advantage of it.



When Hackers Outdo your Promo Marketing

In a recent visit to the dentist I happened to notice this doorstopper (pictured). Straight away I thought what a great little idea by Colgate. It has some of the great hallmarks of a great promo item –

  1. It took me by surprise as it was
    1. out of place
    2. humorous
  2. Dentist would love it as it focuses in on their vocation
  3. Location – what better place to subtly remind your clients of your brand than the place they go for checkups or worse!!

It was only when I looked closer at the item that I realised it was misspelt (Goldgate or Colgate). I did a quick search and could not find that Colgate had had originally instigated this, so I assume it was hacked. What an opportunity for a good lighthearted promo!

With the low cost of polyurethane, BS and PVC plastic moulds, creating a custom promotional item is only one good idea away.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Watch out for WaterProof?

Promotional Watches have been a long time favourite for promotional merchandise programs. Perhaps one of the most confusing factors is when deciding to buy a water resistant watch and what the claims will actually deliver.

There is often a lot of confusion over shower proof, water proof and water resistant when it comes to watches. Firstly waterproof and shower proof mean pretty much the same thing. They are sealed sealed enough to survive a shower of rain but they’re not made to take pressure. If a watch says “no water resistance” don’t get it wet under any circumstance.

Water resistant watches are sealed to withstand a stated pressure. Commonly expressed as ATM (Standard Atmosphere). 1 ATM equals approximately a depth of 10 metres. 2 ATM is a depth of approximately 20 metres and so on.

Up to 3 ATM (30 metres) a watch is still not really water resistant, it should be fine if it is splashed on when raining but will not handle pressure at depth. The same applies for up to 5 ATM (50 metres) where is would survive being immersed in water but may not handle the added pressure of of swimming.

With a watch that has a 10ATM rating (100 metres), you can swim and snorkel safely, however the pressure at depth may cause the seals to leak so diving is not recommended. It should be noted that even if the watch is water resistant to 10ATM that does not mean it will always be able to go to 100m. Over time the seals weaken, hence the reason for a regular watch service. There is some conjecture over whether 10ATM is ok to dive with, to be on the safe side, 20ATM is best suited for diving in most situations.

All watches, no matter what claimed ATM they are, should not be worn in the shower or a hot bath as they are designed for cold water use only

And whatever the stated water-resistance you should never wear watches in the shower or in a hot bath as all timepieces are designed for use in cold water only. Particularly when a sharp change of temperature happens as the rubber in the seal can contract.

For a range of promotional watches including water resistant option click here

Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Watch out for Miners

Watches are well renowned for making ideal staff and client gifts, particularly for special occasions. In the mining industry they are often used as benchmark rewards for safety achievement. However due to the volatile environment on mine sites the selection of the watch make is of critical importance.

There is potential ignition of methane gas by an electric current from a battery powered watch. With a quartz watch you need a Mines Approved Watch. Another option is to use a watch with an automatic movement that has no battery or electrical power source or back up. The lack of electrical current by non-battery; automatic movement watches means they are already mine safe.

The back of the watch should be made of glass, so that the mechanical movement can be easily inspected (ie. mine security can check there’s no battery in the watch).

There are plenty of options with mine watches like varying waterproof or water resistance depths, styles and case options for extra presentation value.

Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Wheeling out a Promo

Do your potential clients spend a lot of time in a car? Across Australia’s major cities, increasing traffic means we are spending ever more time in our cars. The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics estimates of the ‘avoidable’ social costs of congestion (where the benefits to road users of some travel in congested conditions are less than the costs imposed on other road users and the wider community) for the 8 Australian capitals (using an aggregate modelling approach) total approximately $16.5 billion for the 2015 financial year, having grown from about $12.8 billion for the 2010 financial year. And this will grow by at least 2% a year!!

The promotional products industry have loads of products that not only promote your brand in this space but are also quite useful for the driver. A promotional product that has some utility value is not only of benefit to your client but increases effectiveness of the promotion. This is due to more regular use (ie lower cost per impression) and the linkage of your brand to something of value to the client (it’s about them not you!).

Good ideas that fulfill both these benefits are phone chargers, phone mounts, mounted writing pads, travel mugs, sunglass clips, car sunshades, dash cams, first aid kits.

For more idea’s click this link on automotive promotional products

Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Cell more Through Customisation

Regular customers of 4Promote know we like to recommend customisation for your promotional products. It is a great way to stand out from the crowd and display an innovative image to your brand.

When we come across great idea’s from whomever and wherever we like to share them. While some say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, we do recommend to use these ideas as catalyst rather than be a straight out copy-cat.

This idea from the South African Mobile Phone Company, Cell C, is not only practical for their clients but also is  in sync with their product offering. A book of ideas on how to save energy and live a greener lifestyle with a built in solar power battery charger.


Apart from a book of tips on how to be more efficient, this idea could be used for a diary, work diary, daily planner, daily task manual etc.


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –