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Protect your Clients in this Heat

One of the consequences of a hot summer is hopping back into your car after it has spent some time baking in the sun. Car (auto) Sunshades can protect your clients and their cars while delivering you a great branding opportunity.

The use of sunshades inside a car on bright sunny days helps to reduce temperatures by about 8 to 10 °C. They certainly make quite a difference! Besides helping to keep the cabin at comfortable temperatures, they also help to protect our car’s interior from discoloration and cracking. (ref.

This means your AC has to work overtime to reduce the temperature, making it not only uncomfortable but using more fuel in the process.

Also, let’s not forget how hot the steering wheel can be touch and if you are wearing shorts or  a short dress (it is summer!!), how hot it can be on the legs.


We have loads of options to supply you with custom branded car sunshades including with a full colour all over print for extra effect.  

Rear Window Sunshade