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When Size Matters

One of the considerations when choosing a promotional product is how much information are you trying to get across. Many promotional products are limited in the space they have to print your logo or company name. These are usually great for brand awareness but not great for telling story or adding in any extra information that might be important.

Some products, like this Business Card USB below have plenty of real estate (pun intended). The agent used this USB Card as a business card replacement for high end prospects. he would load on specific properties for the prospect and hand over the card.

USB Card Flash Drive

USB Card Flash Drive


The intended consequence is that the USB Card is kept a lot longer than a traditional paper business card as it is of use to the recipient. In the electronic age we live in, people make a decision in the instant on whether they should scan the card or trash it. This USB Card then presents a greater opportunity for the agents details to be kept.

Another intended consequence that as this is a higher end product than a paper brochure, it shows a sense of professionalism and dedication by the agent. This is particularly important image to create when convincing a prospect you are the right person to buy or sell their house.


Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist

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