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Just like there are different types of writing instruments, there are also different types of ink.

This post is replicated from one of our writing instrument suppliers, BIC. It highlights the different types of ink available for promotional pens.

Our products and inks comply with the strictest international product safety laws and standards.
The most popular writing instrument ink system. Over 2 kms of write-out is available on our BIC® Round Stic® & Clic Stic family and over 2 kms of write-out is available on almost all other popular BIC writing instruments.
Gel Ink
Offers smooth, fluid writing. Available Gel Products: BIC® Intensity® Clic Gel and Atlantis® Gel options available Norwood by BIC writing instruments in the Lyra Pen.
Similar in construction to a ballpoint but uses a smoother ball and more fluid ink. BIC® Roller Ball features a free ink technology which flows through a baffle delivery system and provides a visible supply of ink.
Low odour, quick-drying, permanent, alcohol-based ink. Suitable for use on most surfaces glass, metal, coated paper, photos and plastic Acrylic bullet tip gives line width BIC® Permanent Markers that can be uncapped for three weeks without drying!


BIC® inks undergo a toxicological review by the Duke University Medical Center under the WIMA (Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association) certification program. Duke University bases its review on the guidelines set forth by the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission).

Our ink cartridges are analyzed for up to two years to test shelf life and write-out times. To ensure quality and performance of our inks, all cartridges are date stamped. Components of our cartridges are produced by the highest quality cartridge manufacturers from all over the world, including Switzerland and Germany. Points are stainless steel, brass or nickel silver and balls are made of tungsten carbide. Many of our items are refillable which gives you the ability to use them over and over again. In addition, many of our inks have over 2 kilometers of writing ink. By developing long lasting and lightweight products that are made to last, there is less impact on the environment.

Elevate your Branding with Custom Shaped Balloons

Regular readers of this promotional products blog know we love customisation as it shows uniqueness, innovation and really separates your branding from the crowd.

These custom shaped foil balloons turn your logo into a floating 3D piece of art. Made of foil, they last longer than the usual latex made balloons, which means they can be used over and over again. 

Protect your Clients in this Heat

One of the consequences of a hot summer is hopping back into your car after it has spent some time baking in the sun. Car (auto) Sunshades can protect your clients and their cars while delivering you a great branding opportunity.

The use of sunshades inside a car on bright sunny days helps to reduce temperatures by about 8 to 10 °C. They certainly make quite a difference! Besides helping to keep the cabin at comfortable temperatures, they also help to protect our car’s interior from discoloration and cracking. (ref.

This means your AC has to work overtime to reduce the temperature, making it not only uncomfortable but using more fuel in the process.

Also, let’s not forget how hot the steering wheel can be touch and if you are wearing shorts or  a short dress (it is summer!!), how hot it can be on the legs.


We have loads of options to supply you with custom branded car sunshades including with a full colour all over print for extra effect.  

Rear Window Sunshade

Reusable Promotional Trolley Bags

These reusable promotional shopping bags are designed to make your trips to the supermarket easier. By standing upright in the trolley they make it easy to pack the bags while in the store and alsoreusable_promotional_trolley_bag remove the bags to load into your car and again at home.


Coming in different colours it allows you to separate your groceries by type. With a large print area that makes for a great promotional item that gets used at least on a weekly basis.


Promo Beach Mat’s – to keep your branding working all summer long

Summer-time is a time for rest, relaxation and enjoying the great Aussie sun. However your brand does not need to take a rest, we have a great range of summer-themed promotional products that will keep your brand working all summer long.


These promo beach mats are a great example of this, they have a large branding area and deliver a practical use for your clients.


Time to Start Planning with your 2019 Diaries

With 365 days of brand opportunities – Diaries are a great way for brand exposure!

With print options of screen print, pad print, foil, emboss and digital print there are diaries to suit all budgets.

A quality brand should be promoted with a quality product – Collins Debden – Australia’s leading diary supplier – has a good range of quality diaries to suit your needs. From the smallest pocket size to A4, tradesmen to the executive, primary to university – the range is extensive!


Or why not create your own cover with these spiral bound diaries, coming in sizes A6, A5 and A4.


And to help one get organised, there are day planners, wall planners and desktop calendars.


So many choices . . . what will you go for??

Contact 4Promote to discuss diary, calendar and planner options today!

Neon Promo Mugs – let your brand glow

Coffee mugs have always been a popular promotional item, not only are they useful and used every day, but they also last an extraordinarily long time – this delivers a long advertising tail.


These Neon coloured promo mugs will stand out in any cupboard with their exaggerated brightness. The attention-grabbing colours give a vibrant feel that really pops. They also can be used for retro themes which is ideal for an advertising campaign that needs to evoke a little nostalgia.


Branded Vacuum Drinkware

Branding on drinkware has been an effective promotional tool for many years. One study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute in the US revealed that 53% of consumers own promotional drinkware.


Branded Vacuum drinkware has the potential to add even more value to the marketer as they are much sought after by the consumer. The main reason for this is because they are –

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Better for the environment
  • Keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours
  • Keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours
  • They suit well for summer and winter campaigns


Biodegradable Promo Bags

Promotional bags have been great promo items used as trade shows bags, gift bags, sample bags and catalogue bags. With the demise of free shopping bags from the major supermarkets, branded shopping bags offer a great opportunity for companies to brand whilst helping their customers.


We have a range of non-woven bags which not only assist the environment from a reuse perspective but are also broken down more quickly by microbes. This is achieved through the use of the Australian technology, Landtopia. The inclusion of an organic additive, a series of chemical and biological processes are enacted. When the organic additive is activated, each bag becomes a colony for microbes. Once the colonies are built up, they eat the treated material and break down and decompose the rest of the plastic.