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Cut the Airport Queues with this Computer/Travel Bag

This Tactic Compu Bag is a great branded item for the working traveller. This computer/travel bag is for those that like to travel with carry-on only, and not bother with check-ins and luggage carousels.

The Tactic Compu bag has a large decoration area which is great for branding. This promo bag works well as an executive gift, Christmas gift for staff and clients and incentive to buy programs.

This bag is loaded with features –

  • Reverse gauge nylon with PVC coating and grey contrast 210D lining
  • Large main clamshell opening compartment with an expandable zippered compartment and dual zippered mesh pockets for overnight /weekend travelling
  • Large full cell foam padded front zippered universal storage compartment
  • Zippered fully cell foam padded universal storage compartment including dual 15.6” laptop and 10.1” tablet compartments with Velcro closure
  • Zippered passport/security pocket on top of the back panel
  • Mesh-backed shoulder straps and contoured padded back panels
  • Multiple wide webbing reinforced grab handles
  • Front pocket compartment with waterproof zip
  • Zippered front pocket with Velcro safety flap
  • Reflective detail for added protection
  • Quick release side compression straps
  • Detachable key fob

Capacity: 34 Litres, Expanded 49 Litres
Dimensions: 32 cm W x 48 cm H x 22 cm D; Expanded: 32 cm W x 48 cm H x 32 cm D
Decoration area: Front: 160 mm x 150 mm
Colour: black

Why Custom Branded Computer Bags make for great B2B marketing

One of the advantages of promotional products is that you can brand your logo/message in the location where you want your client to be thinking of your product and services. If you are in the B2B world then there are numerous options we can look at.

Computer bags are a higher end promotional item that delivers utility for the recipient and long lasting branding for the marketer. They are also used during business hours, which is ideal for B2B businesses. Add to the fact that your branding will also be displayed in business meetings, meaning your brand is now-on show to potential clients.

Check out these options for the B2B marketing with custom branded computer bags –




  • Jacquard polyester and water resistant 900D coated polyester
  • External USB charger port with integrated internal cable to charge your device
  • Three main zippered fully cell foam padded universal storage compartments including dual 15.6” laptop and 10.1” tablet compartments
  • Multiple organiser pockets
  • Padded grab handles
  • Detachable/adjustable padded shoulder strap with metal buckles and accessories
  • Back Webbing panel can slip over wheeled bag handle

Capacity: 14 Litres

Dimensions: 42 cm W x 30 cm H x 11 cm D



  • Jacquard polyester and water resistant 900D coated polyester
  • External USB charger port with integrated internal cable to charge your device
  • Four main zippered fully cell foam padded universal storage compartments with 15.6” laptop compartment
  • Zippered passport/security pocket on lumber back panel
  • Foam padded top grab handle
  • Mesh backed padded shoulder straps and contoured padded mesh back panels
  • Hands free mobile/media suction cup panel on shoulder strap
  • Back webbing panel can slip over wheeled bag handle

Capacity: 17.5 Litres

Dimensions: 28 cm W x 45 cm H x 14 cm D


Reusable Promotional Trolley Bags

These reusable promotional shopping bags are designed to make your trips to the supermarket easier. By standing upright in the trolley they make it easy to pack the bags while in the store and alsoreusable_promotional_trolley_bag remove the bags to load into your car and again at home.


Coming in different colours it allows you to separate your groceries by type. With a large print area that makes for a great promotional item that gets used at least on a weekly basis.


Biodegradable Promo Bags

Promotional bags have been great promo items used as trade shows bags, gift bags, sample bags and catalogue bags. With the demise of free shopping bags from the major supermarkets, branded shopping bags offer a great opportunity for companies to brand whilst helping their customers.


We have a range of non-woven bags which not only assist the environment from a reuse perspective but are also broken down more quickly by microbes. This is achieved through the use of the Australian technology, Landtopia. The inclusion of an organic additive, a series of chemical and biological processes are enacted. When the organic additive is activated, each bag becomes a colony for microbes. Once the colonies are built up, they eat the treated material and break down and decompose the rest of the plastic.


The Coffee Sherpa goes Green

The war on waste seems to be focusing on plastics like plastic shopping bags and plastic lined takeaway coffee cups. However, another target is the carry plates that are used to hold multiple coffee cups. These are made of plastic or paper and they generally fall into the single-use category.

These coffee carry bags offer a more sustainable option, by being able to be re-used many times over. Holding 4 cups, they are a lot easier for the office coffee sherpa to hold with just one hand via the convenient handles.coffee_carry_bag_promo_item

They also offer great branding space on all sides of the bag that allows not only your logo but marketing message as well.

Where these coffee carry bags work with great effect are:

  • Office environments
  • For local area marketing
  • For Joint Venture marketing, you can co-brand easily, halving the costs and tapping into a larger customer base
  • Real Estate agents
  • Electricians
  • Pest Control Operators
  • Plumbers


Time to Cool Off the Shopping Bag Debate

We are all being encouraged to bring our own bags to the supermarket. This has created a promotional opportunity for many companies with branded shopping bags.

These insulated grocery totes offer something a little different. Often a shopper has between 10 and 30 minutes before getting the groceries home, these insulated shoppingpromo_insulated_shopping_bag bags allow the frozen foods to stay frozen, hot foods to stay hot, and fresh fruits and vegetables to stay fresh.

As we often state, when your promotional products deliver utility for the customer, they create greater engagement for your brand.


Getting Extra Creativity with Your Brand is in the Bag

Tote bags have been a long time favourite as a promotional item, and for good reason. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute; on average; a promotional tote bag delivers 5881 impressions!

Promo Bag Colouring in Tote Bag Custom

                                   Custom Colouring on Tote Bag

These Colouring-In-Tote Bags allow good interactivity with your brand (ie greater engagement) and allows your younger clients some creativity. Use a standard print or custom the print with your own branding and imagery.

Branding is on the tote bag and the crayon box. P.S The crayons are non-toxic.

Next Promo is in the Bag

Your next Promo is in the Bag

Your Brand doesn’t Need a Holiday

Just because summer holidays are fast approaching; it doesn’t mean your brand needs to take a vacation. One of the great benefits of promotional products is that they can work 24/7, all year round  for you. Even better if you clients get to associate a relaxing and fun time with your brand.

Summer holidays in Australia often involve lots of sun and water. Here is just a few cool summer promotional products that fit this scenario and offer your clients something a little extra.

Promotional Waterproof BagWaterproof Bag – ideal for the beach, boating, water sports or anywhere near water as the contents will remain completely dry.

Promotional SunglassesFolding Sunglasses – protection and convenience in one product, and everyone is always scrambling for another pair of sunglasses.

Promotional Nautical CoolerNautical Cooler – what makes this cooler unique to most promotional coolers on the market is that the zippers are non-corrosive making it an ideal promotional item for activities near saltwater like for  boaters and beach goers.  Also the extra thick thermal insulated main cooler compartment keeps items cool for up to 2 days. This cooler is made of 210D polyester with latex rubber backing and PEVA lining, which means it does not leak.

So, keep your brand working, even when your are not.

Your brand does not need a holiday

Jute Promo Bag That Plants Trees

Environmentally friendly Promotional Bags have been a big winner as a promotional item for a number of years now. These new Jute promo bags made from vegetable fibres that are biodegradable come as a great alternative to plastic bags.

Every purchase of these bags also fund a pilot program that is dedicated to replanting degraded land right here in Australia. Conducted through the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund, since 2001 there has been over 5 million trees planted!!!

Each Reforest Tote Bag has a recycled cardboard tag attached to the strap alerting the recipient that one or more trees has been planted in connection with the production of the bags.

You can view the number of trees planted, location and dates for the entire Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund program by clicking here.