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Dental Floss as a promo item – brings a smile to your face

Sometimes a promotional item just makes sense, much like not having to explain a punchline to a joke! This Dental Floss dispenser makes an ideal gift come business card for dentists and those in the oral hygiene sector.


With 10 metres of mint flavoured floss, a mirror and full-colour printing, this business card sized promo item makes for a great business card that will be kept way beyond that of the usual paper cards that have little functional use for the recipient.

With dentistry being a local business, local area marketing is an important strategy, your customers have friends that live locally, this is a great way to get local people talking about your dentist shop.

Being small and lightweight they are a cost-effective promo item to send out as Direct Mail (mailable promo).

Enough to bring a smile to your face!

How Evernote use Promotional Stickers to help customers and turn them into mini billboards

Stickers are a common promotional item that has been used for everything from political campaigns, cause advertising, supporting local football teams etc. They work as they are cost-effective on large scale, easy to ship and allow the recipient to show their support for their team, cause etc.

They come in many forms for different uses; like outdoors use, car bumpers, laptops etc. They also come made of different materials like epoxy domes, metallic, reflective and waterproof materials.

While marketers often use them for brand awareness, there are much more effective ways to use promotional stickers. A good case study is what Evernote did when they heard customers complain about employees using laptops in meetings.

Their response was to produce a laptop sticker that said –

“I’m not being rude. I’m taking notes in Evernote”


Their customers then became mini billboards for Evernote from meeting to meeting.



Notice when you buy an Apple product you get an Apple sticker in the box, these guys know what they are doing when it comes to leveraging loyal supporters.


Neon Promo Mugs – let your brand glow

Coffee mugs have always been a popular promotional item, not only are they useful and used every day, but they also last an extraordinarily long time – this delivers a long advertising tail.


These Neon coloured promo mugs will stand out in any cupboard with their exaggerated brightness. The attention-grabbing colours give a vibrant feel that really pops. They also can be used for retro themes which is ideal for an advertising campaign that needs to evoke a little nostalgia.


The Coffee Sherpa goes Green

The war on waste seems to be focusing on plastics like plastic shopping bags and plastic lined takeaway coffee cups. However, another target is the carry plates that are used to hold multiple coffee cups. These are made of plastic or paper and they generally fall into the single-use category.

These coffee carry bags offer a more sustainable option, by being able to be re-used many times over. Holding 4 cups, they are a lot easier for the office coffee sherpa to hold with just one hand via the convenient handles.coffee_carry_bag_promo_item

They also offer great branding space on all sides of the bag that allows not only your logo but marketing message as well.

Where these coffee carry bags work with great effect are:

  • Office environments
  • For local area marketing
  • For Joint Venture marketing, you can co-brand easily, halving the costs and tapping into a larger customer base
  • Real Estate agents
  • Electricians
  • Pest Control Operators
  • Plumbers


New T-Shirts for Charity Fundraising

Check out this new promotional fundraising tees for charities. They come fully printed as below in various colours. All that is needed to add in your logo.

promotional_clothing_charity_t-shirt_2 promotional_clothing_charity_t-shirt


Promotional t-shirts not only make great fundraisers, they are really effective for creating awareness. Just think of walking billboards roaming around the streets, and all paid for (with profit) by the donors!

Magnets – A Recipe for Advertising Success

Promotional magnets have been a mainstay advertising medium for real estate agents, plumbers, electricians and pest control operators for years. And that is for good reason, they are cost-effective, last a long time and have can have a large enough print area to deliver all your details and your message.

I like what Long Track Pantry, a cafe in Jugiong NSW, has done with the magnet below. By printing one of their signature recipes on the magnet, it increases the likelihood that the magnet will be used.


As we often say, the promotional item has a utility or informational value to the client, then it is more likely to be used therefore the brand message gains greater impact.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Desktop Marketing

Location and timing are important aspects of advertising, both of which can be hard to get right. This is where a little customer knowledge of your customer’s buying habits is good. If your customer is making purchasing decisions at their desk then this becomes the right location.

The next factor is timing, this can be a little more difficult. Unless you know the timing of your customers purchasing decisions, then best to go for a promotional product that will sit on the desk for a prolonged time.

Ideal desktop promotional items include pen caddy’s, mouse mats, mugs, water bottles, USB hubs, clocks, lamps, calculators and rulers.

Get Physical; Get Results

In the digital age where we are all overloaded with emails, EDM’s (electronic direct mail), Spam, Pop-Up ads etc; it is harder and harder to get your marketing message read. So how

Lumpy Mail Works

Lumpy Mail Works

can we differentiate our marketing message to ensure it gets read?

Time to get physical. We live in a real world, with real senses. Direct Mail has always had a good success rate for sales conversions. This infographic brilliantly lays out the benefits of direct mail replacing or included in an email campaign.

Seth Godin’s book The Free Prize Inside reminds us all of the childhood fun of receiving a prize (toy) in cereal boxes growing up. The anticipation of gaining the toy leads to great excitement, this feeling ie further enhanced the gift comes unannounced.

This is where “Lumpy Mail” comes in. This is where we include a promotional product with the direct mail piece (hence the lumpy mail name). This adds not only the benefits of the tactile nature of a promotional product to your message, but it also rewards your customer for reading your marketing message.

Lumpy mail gets noticed, think of the physical mail that comes across your desk. The one that stands out is the one that is obviously not a bill and is of irregular shape. Plus even if your flyer/brochure makes it way into the “round filing cabinet”; the promo item will be kept for weeks, months or even years.

Mailable Items are chosen to be small and robust enough to mail, and cost-effective enough to be broadly distributed. Many mailable promotional items are small and light enough to go in a standard DL envelope; keeping the mailing costs down. This lowers the cost of acquisition.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –



Need a great idea for your client’s next promotional campaign? Look no further than the Parker and Waterman Pens!

Parker and Waterman pens are not only a household name, they are iconic! There would be very few people in Australia that did not own a Parker or Waterman pen at sometime in their life, and often when they did, it came as a gift; long treasured and often personalised by loved ones or by an employer, or an account that valued the relationship.

This makes PARKER AND WATERMAN PENS the perfect promotional gift!


Simple… because Promotional Products are all about ROI… or return on investment! And a gift that will be loved, treasured and most importantly, used as much as a Parker or Waterman Pen, will provide the kind of ROI your customers are looking for; brands that speak to integrity and prestige… refills that last for kilometres, or years of writing, and designs that reflect decades of European refinement.


When Hackers Outdo your Promo Marketing

In a recent visit to the dentist I happened to notice this doorstopper (pictured). Straight away I thought what a great little idea by Colgate. It has some of the great hallmarks of a great promo item –

  1. It took me by surprise as it was
    1. out of place
    2. humorous
  2. Dentist would love it as it focuses in on their vocation
  3. Location – what better place to subtly remind your clients of your brand than the place they go for checkups or worse!!

It was only when I looked closer at the item that I realised it was misspelt (Goldgate or Colgate). I did a quick search and could not find that Colgate had had originally instigated this, so I assume it was hacked. What an opportunity for a good lighthearted promo!

With the low cost of polyurethane, BS and PVC plastic moulds, creating a custom promotional item is only one good idea away.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –