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Don’t let the Mozzies buzz your Clients this Summer

Of one of the many great memories of summer, the buzzing of Mosquito’s is not one of them. Having your clients be associated with your brand during good times is always a plus, if the location involves the great outdoors then these Anti-Mosquito polo shirts might just be the promo item you are looking for.

Available in short and long sleeve (for extra sun protection), they are cotton backed on the inside for comfort, but moisture wicked polyester on the outside to move away perspiration to keep the wearer cool.

They come in a range of sizes, along with male, female and junior cuts. The work well for corporate activities and events that involve camping, bushwalking and fishing. Or just for that client loves the great outdoors.

Need a Summertime Promo?

The main message is the main message. A single is much more effective than multiple messages when it comes to advertising. When using promotional products to market your business you can also add in a subtle message without distracting from the main message.

An example is these Summertime hats that can be custom branded. Doing a summertime promotion, taking the team or VIP clients on an island getaway, then this promotional headwear with their summer designs just might be what you need.

Bamboo Alfresco Table with Wine Holders

This foldable table makes for a great outdoors promotion. Made of environmentally friendly bamboo, this alfresco table has two integrated wine glass holders.

The Tavolo Table will work well in gift for purchase campaigns and for client and staff gifts. An ideal gift for executive gifts and the real estate and wine industries.


Jute – Eco-Friendly Headwear Option

More and more promotional products are being made with sustainable materials. These promotional headwear are made from Jute which has a great sustainability profile.

Jute is a natural organic plant fibre, is rapidly renewable and very durable. Jute is both biodegradable and recyclable. Jute is colourfast and will not fade in sunlight which makes it ideal for promotional headwear. Jute also has good sound and heat insulating properties.

This is just a few of the styles of Jute promotional headwear options we have available that can all be custom branded with your logo.

Custom Branded Stainless Steel Straws

These stainless straws are one way to cut down on single-use plastic straws while creating a good branding opportunity. They come in a range of colours, can be custom printed or laser engraved on the straws. The pouch can also be custom branded.

The stainless steel straws are perfectly safe for use, with no coatings, plastics, BPA or phthalates.


These Bottle Opener Sunglasses open up a Great Summer Promo

Looking for a unique summertime promotion? Check out these promo Bottle Opener Sunglasses. Perfect for outdoor promotional events, beach promotions, island getaways and the tourism industry.

Bottle Opener Sunglasses offer a practical and cool promo which will be sure to get plenty of brand exposure as your clients show off the gift to all their friends. The can be custom branded with your logo on the arms of the sunglasses.

A Twist on Wireless Chargers

This custom branded wireless charger comes with a different twist, and we mean it really twists! It features an ability to twist which delivers the benefit of being able to turn from a flat charger to a phone stand.

This wireless charger also can charge 2 phones at the same time, making it of great use around the house, office and when travelling. With smartphones needing charging at least daily, your brand gets exposure every day of the year.


Custom Branded Luggage Scales for Executive Gifts

A smart promotional campaign is one that starts with an understanding of the customer behaviours. If you have a customer base (potential or current) that travels for work or play, then custom branded travel items are great to position your brand while providing utility value – further enhancing the brand connection.

Custom Branded Luggage Scales

We have a range of travel items that can be branded with your logo, these Travel Luggage Scales are a great low-cost promotional item. Being lightweight and small (100mm x 32xmm x 27mm) they are easy to travel with. They help your clients manage those ever restrictive weight allowances being enforced by many airlines, avoiding excess baggage fees!

Cheesey Christmas Gift Ideas for Entertaining


Practical and stunning, these cheeseboards are made from Acacia Wood which is known for its unique and natural contrasting patterns – no two units are identical.

The use of laser engraving into the wood leaves a unique and permanent impression that further enhances the look and feel of the acacia wood.

They make the perfect gift for Christmas, corporate and employees!