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AdNews article – While Real Mail works Better than Ever

There was an interesting article in AdNews,  talking about the effectiveness of real (physical mail).

Some of the main points are –

  • Over 92% of recipients open direct mail
  • It remains in the home for some 38 days
  • Ability to connect with the 5 senses (touch, smell, sight, taste, sound)
  • Due to online shopping, people are checking their letterboxes more
  • Human touch is a powerful form of non-verbal communication and triggers memory neuroscience stimulants

You can read the full article here

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Brand through the Summer with these Beach Cup Holders

Check out this neat little summer-time promotional product. It solves the problem at the beach, on a picnic etcetera, where you do not have stable ground to put a drink down without the risk of it tipping over.

This Beach Cup Holder will push into any soft surface like sand and grass while holding a bottle, party cup etc level and off the ground. It also has the option of adding a lid to store valuables keeping them clean of sand and dirt.

It also has a goods size branding area for not only your logo but for a good summertime brand message.

Biodegradable Custom Branded Balloons

Custom branded balloons are a great attention-grabbing promotional item used at trade shows, product launches, corporate parties and handed out as souvenirs. However, with the growing negative perception around single-use plastics and its environmental effects, their use has come under question.

However promotional balloons made of rubber or latex are made from the sap of the rubber plant (Hevea brasiliensis), and are 100% biodegradable. Broken down by water and sunlight at approximately the same rate as an oak tree leaf.

Custom Branded Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones

Promotional products work well when they are used regularly by your customers. These Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones will not only be used regularly but also evoke a trendy modern look for your brand.

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Noise Cancelling technology
  • Comfort ergonomic fit
  • Can be used with one plug or both
  • Up to 6 hours of playtime
  • The travel case is also a charging station
  • Built-in microphone for taking phone calls

These Noise Cancelling Wireless earphones will work great as high-end Executive Gifts, Staff Rewards, Christmas Gifts or Sales Incentives.

Market on Your Clients Desk with this 5 Port Charger

Custom branded Technology items make for effective workplace promo items as they deliver utility value to the recipient (often in time of need), and are generally in the right location for when you want your clients to be looking at your brand.

This 5 port charger sits on your client’s desk with up to 5 devices charging at once. With full-colour printing up to 100 mm x 85 mm; there is plenty of marketing real estate to get a great brand message across

How to make your Brand good on the Nose

Marketing is more effective when we evoke strong senses, and the olfactory senses (smell), are amongst the strongest. Through a variety of pleasant scents, these custom branded Reed Diffusers take advantage of this to create awareness for your brand.

Reed diffusers are flame free and require no power source, unlike candles which also create heat and smoke. The willow reeds absorb the fragrance, translocating it upwards before it is dispersed naturally through evaporation into the environment.

They work equally as well in the office or at home, giving your brand a warm, welcoming kind of feel.

Morning routines bring great branding opportunities with Reusable Coffee Cups

Nothing says daily routine like a morning coffee or cuppa’ so what a great opportunity and billboard for your branding/message. Reusable coffee/tea cups make a tremendous promotional product for this reason.

Daily use ensures daily exposure of your message as well as lowering the impact on the environment compared to the usual takeaway cups.

Reusable coffee cups give us the first 2 “R’s” of the Environment – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. They reduce the amount of disposable cups needed by reusing the same cup for every drink.

Glass Karma Kup
340 ml cup made from high-quality non-porous glass. Available in a range of coloured silicone bands and lids with mix n match options. Available in single or double-walled to keep drinks hotter for longer.

Ceramic Mugs
Available in a range of sizes, single or double-walled and mix n match lids.


Hydro Soul Zen Mug
Double walled stainless steel and vacuum insulated for maximum temperature control – my favourite cup! Decoration options include pad print, laser engrave and a classy mirror finish laser engrave. Available in 2 sizes.


Koffee Kup
Available in a range of sizes and colour combinations, the original reusable coffee cup is BPA free plastic with silicone bands. Available single or double-walled. Lids include options of swivel or button stoppers or flip spouts.

Wheat Straw Cups
280 ml capacity made of biodegradable wheat straw and double layer insulation design.


And what’s a coffee order without a coffee carry bag! Cut down on the cardboard carry trays and use a non-woven bag that holds 4 coffee cups.


Whether the cup be a staff gift or a client give-away – why not complete it with choc-coated coffee beans for that “little extra something”!


The 6 Pack Beer Caddy Cooler

This custom branded insulated 6 pack holder, makes for an ideal add-on when giving beer as a gift or sales incentive. Long after the beer is gone, this beer caddy will be around, keeping your brand front and centre to the recipient and the people they socialise with for years to come.

Check out the features below –

  • 600D polyester with PVC backing and with PEVA lining
  • Main insulated cooler compartment with removable six bottle divider
  • Integrated lid function design allows bottles to be removed without opening the main compartment
  • Antique brass bottle opener housed inside the pocket
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap
  • Antique brass hardware and accessories
  • Front flap with webbing and dome closure

The 6 Pack Beer Caddy works well for brand awareness, as a Christmas gift or when socialising with clients.

New Cutter & Buck Polo – The Crescent

One of the retail brands that we supply for custom branding is Cutter & Buck. They have just released the CB Men’s Crescent Polo.

The Crescent polo is made of 100% DryTec interlocked jacquard material. It is a lightweight moisture wicking material, which means it will pull the perspiration from your body out through the material to be dried off. This makes for a cooler wearing shirt (temperature and looks wise).

The  Crescent Polo is also a low maintenance shirt that resists wrinkles and needs little to no ironing. This makes it an ideal shirt for on the go sale reps, trade shows and corporate golf days.