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Dental Floss as a promo item – brings a smile to your face

Sometimes a promotional item just makes sense, much like not having to explain a punchline to a joke! This Dental Floss dispenser makes an ideal gift come business card for dentists and those in the oral hygiene sector.


With 10 metres of mint flavoured floss, a mirror and full-colour printing, this business card sized promo item makes for a great business card that will be kept way beyond that of the usual paper cards that have little functional use for the recipient.

With dentistry being a local business, local area marketing is an important strategy, your customers have friends that live locally, this is a great way to get local people talking about your dentist shop.

Being small and lightweight they are a cost-effective promo item to send out as Direct Mail (mailable promo).

Enough to bring a smile to your face!

Reusable Promotional Trolley Bags

These reusable promotional shopping bags are designed to make your trips to the supermarket easier. By standing upright in the trolley they make it easy to pack the bags while in the store and alsoreusable_promotional_trolley_bag remove the bags to load into your car and again at home.


Coming in different colours it allows you to separate your groceries by type. With a large print area that makes for a great promotional item that gets used at least on a weekly basis.


How to promote Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Smart companies are looking at creating a healthy environment for the workplace as a way of promoting emotional well being.

Healthier employees often mean –

  • Greater staff motivation and retention, employees who feel that they are looked after are more committed
  • Healthy employees are often happy employees which can lead to better customer experiences


There are various ways to approach this through activities such as team sports, outdoor activities, gym memberships, ergonomic work areas etc. But as a promotional products company, we have to also mention that the message is also important as a motivator and reminder. There is a whole range of promo items we can use to reinforce the message. Below is just a few, contact us for more options.

  • Lunch Boxes/Coolerspromo_lunch_box
  • Shake Bottles
  • Sunscreen
  • Drink (water) bottles
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Pedometers
  • Yoga Mats
  • Skipping Ropes
  • Sleep Masks
  • Dental Floss

How Evernote use Promotional Stickers to help customers and turn them into mini billboards

Stickers are a common promotional item that has been used for everything from political campaigns, cause advertising, supporting local football teams etc. They work as they are cost-effective on large scale, easy to ship and allow the recipient to show their support for their team, cause etc.

They come in many forms for different uses; like outdoors use, car bumpers, laptops etc. They also come made of different materials like epoxy domes, metallic, reflective and waterproof materials.

While marketers often use them for brand awareness, there are much more effective ways to use promotional stickers. A good case study is what Evernote did when they heard customers complain about employees using laptops in meetings.

Their response was to produce a laptop sticker that said –

“I’m not being rude. I’m taking notes in Evernote”


Their customers then became mini billboards for Evernote from meeting to meeting.



Notice when you buy an Apple product you get an Apple sticker in the box, these guys know what they are doing when it comes to leveraging loyal supporters.


Promo Beach Mat’s – to keep your branding working all summer long

Summer-time is a time for rest, relaxation and enjoying the great Aussie sun. However your brand does not need to take a rest, we have a great range of summer-themed promotional products that will keep your brand working all summer long.


These promo beach mats are a great example of this, they have a large branding area and deliver a practical use for your clients.


Dry Bag – The One Promo Bag that does it All

Looking to bag your next for a promotional item? These dry bags (also called wet-dry bags) just might suit. Great for summertime use, the bag is waterproof so it will keep your goods dry when fishing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, rafting, boating, snowboard going to a water park or taking a long trip to the mountains, forest or to the national park, spending time near a pool or at the beach, going to the ocean, sea, river, lake.

Dry bags are also handy for putting your wet gear in so that the water is contained and doesn’t seep through your car.


Dry bags have a large print area which is great for branding. They come in various sizes from 2 litres to 10 litres. They work well as incentives, a kit bag and an ideal Christmas time gift for staff and clients.


Make your Tees Pop with 3D Screen Printing

3D decorations have been used for promotional products for many years, mainly to do with 3D embroidery and 3D pvc promo items. However traditional screen printing for t-shirts can also use this technology.

The Toy Story franchise created 3D printed t-shirts with the ChromoDepth® 3D technology. The print looks like a normal 2-dimensional screen print until you put on the glasses and then the t-shirt comes alive. This technology has many applications including printing on carpet, colouring books, packaging, promo tattoos etc.

Chromadepth-3d-shirt-glasses            toy_story_promo_t-shirt-TS

What a great way to make your message stand out.


Raise your Brand with 3D Printing

We know evoking our senses increases the effectiveness of our marketing by creating a greater emotional connection. It is not just the physical/tactile form of promotional products that can evoke our senses, we can enhance this with the decoration method we use.


This collection of journals can be branded with 3D Logo-Print technology which delivers a (raised) 3D print in full colour. This automatically hits on 2 of the senses, touch and sight, the greater the number of senses, the greater the emotional connection.


If you would like to learn how promotional products can be used to evoke all 5 senses (taste, sight, touch, smell and sound) in your marketing, contact us on 02 9212 6600.


Time to Start Planning with your 2019 Diaries

With 365 days of brand opportunities – Diaries are a great way for brand exposure!

With print options of screen print, pad print, foil, emboss and digital print there are diaries to suit all budgets.

A quality brand should be promoted with a quality product – Collins Debden – Australia’s leading diary supplier – has a good range of quality diaries to suit your needs. From the smallest pocket size to A4, tradesmen to the executive, primary to university – the range is extensive!


Or why not create your own cover with these spiral bound diaries, coming in sizes A6, A5 and A4.


And to help one get organised, there are day planners, wall planners and desktop calendars.


So many choices . . . what will you go for??

Contact 4Promote to discuss diary, calendar and planner options today!

Neon Promo Mugs – let your brand glow

Coffee mugs have always been a popular promotional item, not only are they useful and used every day, but they also last an extraordinarily long time – this delivers a long advertising tail.


These Neon coloured promo mugs will stand out in any cupboard with their exaggerated brightness. The attention-grabbing colours give a vibrant feel that really pops. They also can be used for retro themes which is ideal for an advertising campaign that needs to evoke a little nostalgia.