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The Coffee Sherpa goes Green

The war on waste seems to be focusing on plastics like plastic shopping bags and plastic lined takeaway coffee cups. However, another target is the carry plates that are used to hold multiple coffee cups. These are made of plastic or paper and they generally fall into the single-use category.

These coffee carry bags offer a more sustainable option, by being able to be re-used many times over. Holding 4 cups, they are a lot easier for the office coffee sherpa to hold with just one hand via the convenient handles.coffee_carry_bag_promo_item

They also offer great branding space on all sides of the bag that allows not only your logo but marketing message as well.

Where these coffee carry bags work with great effect are:

  • Office environments
  • For local area marketing
  • For Joint Venture marketing, you can co-brand easily, halving the costs and tapping into a larger customer base
  • Real Estate agents
  • Electricians
  • Pest Control Operators
  • Plumbers


Wheat Straw Cups – The Straw that is good for the Environment

Reusable Straw Wheat coffee cups are a good option to combat both the war on waste and promote your brand at the same time. Made of wheat straw the cups are made from renewable material and biodegradable as well.


Constructed of double layer insulation they will keep your coffee or tea hot while not burning your hand. As they are used daily coffee cups have a low cost per impression compared to just about any advertising medium. Plus, they are unlikely to break if dropped unlike glass and ceramic coffee cups.


New T-Shirts for Charity Fundraising

Check out this new promotional fundraising tees for charities. They come fully printed as below in various colours. All that is needed to add in your logo.

promotional_clothing_charity_t-shirt_2 promotional_clothing_charity_t-shirt


Promotional t-shirts not only make great fundraisers, they are really effective for creating awareness. Just think of walking billboards roaming around the streets, and all paid for (with profit) by the donors!

Under Armour Promotional Apparel? – No Sweat

Under Armour is the latest brand to become available to the promotional products industry in Australia.  Under Armour joins Nike, Puma, Adidas and Izod as major apparel brands available to the promotions industry.

Under Armour is an amazing success story, started by Kevin Plank in 1996. Kevin was a college footballer (NFL) who was frustrated by the sweat-soaked t-shirts (undergarment) that he and most players wear under their uniforms.under_armour_polo_promotional_clothing

Changing at halftime consumed a lot of time,  also the sweat-soaked t-shirts added a lot of extra weight.  A dry cotton t-shirt weighs about 170 grams, soaking wet, it can weight up to 1.26 kg!!

Kevin went looking for an answer. He noticed that the compression shirts worn during practice kept dry. So Kevin took that knowledge and went about making T-Shirts with the same compression and moisture wicking material, and the rest (and almost US $4B in annual sales is history).under_armour_cap_promo_industry

Using Under Armour as you promotional apparel will give your branding instant recognition alongside one of the premier sporting apparel brands in the world.

Under Armour Polos and Caps work well at Corporate Golf Days, Team Events and for those that travel a lot and like to keep their ironing to a minimum.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
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Fundraisers for Charities

Promotional products are popular fundraisers for charities for multiple reasons. No matter the cause; schools, health campaigns, public awareness etc, promotional products allow for the raising of funds while simultaneously raising awareness for the charity.

The person purchasing the promotional product gets to support their cause, receive a “gift” while showing their friends their support for the cause. This also leverages trust for the brand, with friends seeing friends wearing the branded merchandise; the brand of the charity gets looked upon in a more favourable light.

For those with limited funds; or are already committed elsewhere with charitable contributions, this allows them to still support a charity without any ongoing commitment they may not be able to make.

The yellow  Livestrong wristbands have been the most successful promo item to date in raising funds. The 80 million plus wristbands raised over $100M on their own!livestrong_wristband_charity_marketing

Best selling promo items for charities are branded pin badges, pens, wristbands, mugs, bags, sports bottles, umbrella’s, stickers and t-shirts.


Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Time to Cool Off the Shopping Bag Debate

We are all being encouraged to bring our own bags to the supermarket. This has created a promotional opportunity for many companies with branded shopping bags.

These insulated grocery totes offer something a little different. Often a shopper has between 10 and 30 minutes before getting the groceries home, these insulated shoppingpromo_insulated_shopping_bag bags allow the frozen foods to stay frozen, hot foods to stay hot, and fresh fruits and vegetables to stay fresh.

As we often state, when your promotional products deliver utility for the customer, they create greater engagement for your brand.


Magnets – A Recipe for Advertising Success

Promotional magnets have been a mainstay advertising medium for real estate agents, plumbers, electricians and pest control operators for years. And that is for good reason, they are cost-effective, last a long time and have can have a large enough print area to deliver all your details and your message.

I like what Long Track Pantry, a cafe in Jugiong NSW, has done with the magnet below. By printing one of their signature recipes on the magnet, it increases the likelihood that the magnet will be used.


As we often say, the promotional item has a utility or informational value to the client, then it is more likely to be used therefore the brand message gains greater impact.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Colour Up for more Engagement

If you can increase a client’s interactivity with your brand, you then create greater engagement, which leads to greater retention of your brand and brand messaging. A great example is this car wrap by Bear Designs for the  Bulldogs NRL team


Steeden footballs also did a similar promo item with the colouring-in ball below. Also, we have promotional tote bags, colouring in books and a lot of other items that can create greater interactivity with your brand.

Colour-in promo products work well not just for kids, they can make for a great team builder, icebreaker for corporate events and training.


Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

Desktop Marketing

Location and timing are important aspects of advertising, both of which can be hard to get right. This is where a little customer knowledge of your customer’s buying habits is good. If your customer is making purchasing decisions at their desk then this becomes the right location.

The next factor is timing, this can be a little more difficult. Unless you know the timing of your customers purchasing decisions, then best to go for a promotional product that will sit on the desk for a prolonged time.

Ideal desktop promotional items include pen caddy’s, mouse mats, mugs, water bottles, USB hubs, clocks, lamps, calculators and rulers.

Real Estate Marketing

Marketing for Real estate customers is one of the most intensive and competitive there is. With real estate generally the largest purchase/sale most people make; portraying trust is vitally important. It is not just trust in general, but trust over all the real estate competitors that must be portrayed.

This is where a well thought out promotional products campaign will gain a better return on investment over cheap or generic promotional products. Every real estate agent is doing magnets, keyring, pens etc. What are you doing to differentiate from the competition?

A well thought out promotional program will include –

  • The company’s Unique Selling Proposition
  • A local area marketing campaign
  • Joint Ventures
  • Positioning to gain exposure to your contact’s family and friends
  • Mailable items for low cost but still broad coverage
  • Contact information – make it easy for the client

It is good to split the promotional items into two categories:

1) Community Awareness

Umbrella’s, Golf Balls (recycle through the local community), USB Key Flash Drive, Magnets, Marquees, Coffee Carry Bags, Drink Bottles for sports teams, Shopping Bags (for both areas)

2) Housewarming Gifts

Oven mitts, Aprons, Firestarters, Tape Measures, Torch, Box Cutters, Tool Kits, Screwdrivers, Smart Plugs, Fridge Magnet Clips, Food Clips, BBQ sets, Jar Openers, Reed Diffuser

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