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Candles – Light Up your next Promo

Promotional Candles make for a great year-round promotion. Promotional Soy Wax Candles are a must-have item to promote relaxation. Soy wax is completely biodegradable and burns clean with no black smoke or soot. Soy wax also has longer burn time than other candles.

By choosing the scented version of the candles you also get to tap into one of our strongest senses – smell. Sight, smell and physical touch, that’s 3 senses working with your brand! They are an ideal way of associating your brand with a warm and fragrant image.

Promotional candles are an effective promotional item in most industries. They work particularly well in the healthcare and real estate sectors or any sector that services residences like; plumbing, electrical, lawn mowing, handyman and pest control operators.


Mailable Promo’s

In a recent blog we illustrated how direct mail is still getting a good return on investment versus or in combination with electronic mail. To get even greater effect from direct mail, make it lumpy.

This has the advantages of –

  • Makes the mailer stand out
  • The package is intriguing
  • As it feels bulky it is irresistible to open – 100% open rate is just about guaranteed
  • Rewards to customer for opening and reading your mailer
  • Your message on the promo product will most likely last a lot longer than the mailer will

There are many options for mailable promo items. With enough ideation time allowed; the promo product can do more than bring awareness, it can reinforce the promotional message. An example is sunscreen sachets which highlights the onset of summer, may work well for vacation based businesses.

Also, think beyond just the marketing of a product. How can you use mailable items to encourage as a meeting, promote an offer, increase traffic at a trade show? Here are a few ideas –

  • Send a teaser item
  • Wine Stopper, with an offer of a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne
  • Microfiber sunglass pouch with a sales incentive offer of Maui Jim’s, Oakley’s, Bolle etc.
  • Mini football with a sales incentive offer of finals tickets

The teaser will hang around longer than your mailing piece increasing the likelihood that the client will take up your offer.


Mailable Items are chosen to be small and robust enough to mail; and cost effective enough to be broadly distributed. Many mailable promotional items are small and light enough to go in a standard DL envelope; keeping the mailing costs down. This lowers the cost of acquisition.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –

A Promo with More Frixon

Pens have been a staple of the promotional products industry for decades. A PPAI study found that on average promotional pens are kept for 5.3 months – not bad for an advertisement that can cost less than a dollar.Frixion-Clicker-White-Pen-Side-prom_pen

The Frixon pens from Pilot are a great addition to the promotional pen range. They allow the user to erase what is written simply by using the tip of the pen. This not only has great practical use, it can make for some great puns, bylines and similes.



  • Unique thermo-sensitive gel ink formula disappears when erased using the special tip
  • Re-writable: erase and re-write repeatedly without damaging documents. No wear or tear!


Chill your next Promotion

As marketers we are always looking for new ways to position our brands in an engaging way. Custom branded bar fridges offer brands this. Perfect for the home, man-cave, office or workshed, they are a long lasting promotion.


Various shapes and sizes are available with add ons like LED lights. One option that really stands out is the LCD Translucent TV fridge. This version allows 3G and 4G connectivity so you can control your content remotely. You can not only run videos and live feeds; you can update them across the country all at once.


Promote with Zen

These Zen tumblers are great multipurpose promotional mugs. Made of double-walled promo_mug_vacuum_bpa-freefood-grade stainless steel; vacuum insulated; gives them maximum temperature control. They can hold ice for up to 24 hours! They also keep hot drinks HOT; for many hours.

They can be used for coffee, tea, cocktail and wine; making them a truly versatile promotional mug. They come packaged in decorative individual boxes giving them a fresh retail look for high perceived value.