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Light Up your Winter Promo with this LED Beanie

Don’t underestimate this beanie. It comes with an LED light that’s perfect for a late night run or when exploring the woods at night. Winter weather not only means the cold has hit, so has the shorter sunlit hours of the day.


This beanie not makes for great promotional headwear as it not only keeps your clients warm; the utility value of the flashlight increases its value due to its practical use.

Going Wireless

These new wireless stereo earphones make for a great promotional product for all ages. Handy for use during a workout, at the office or just pumping out some tunes. They make a great gift or sales incentive.

They combine the latest in sound technology by providing true stereo sound without the need for a cable connection. These Bluetooth enable earphones offer the user individual left and right channels than can work as a pair or separately with any Bluetooth device. Leave your paired device out of sight up to 10 metres away and enjoy the true wireless stereo sound for up to 5 hours.

These earphones are recharged in their own robust storage case and include a micro USB charge cable and user manual.

The earphones come in white, black, gold, red and pink. Your logo can be printed on the case and each earphone.

Charge your next Promotion

Regular readers of this blog know how much we love a promotional item that has functionality (increasing users engagement) and a great location. These upright induction wireless chargers do both these things.

Wireless means ease of use for your client, no more mucking around with cables. The upright stand allows the phone to face the user, making it easy to view videos, texts and incoming calls. Typically these are used on desks so your branding gets pride of place in the work environment.


With a huge 103 mm diameter printing area in full colour, it makes for a great branding piece with plenty of real estate to get your message out there.

For more on promotional induction charges click here

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Marketing Strategist
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Give Your Brand the Cool Edge

Creating fun around your brand is a great way to market your message in a consistent and assimilable way. Branded sports equipment is one way we can do this, There is many options including snowboards, surf boards, skate boards and yoga mats.

They can be used as a gift for purchase, occasion gifts (Christmas & etc.) or as part of a experiential marketing campaign. They also make a huge impact at trade shows.

We got your Winter Promotions Covered

As the winter weather approaches, now is a good time to look at Jacket, Vest and Hoodie options. We have a vast range to protect your clients and staff from the weather.

Whether you need a seam sealed jacket to keep out the rain, a vest for mobility, or a hoodie for that urban coolness, we have it. Our selection includes lightweight cool dry materials, softshell, puffer, and heavy duty styles that will handle the harshest of conditions.

Outwear items are not only great for brand awareness all winter long, they also make for great sales incentives. Make your promotions pay for themselves with series interest.

The STORMTECH products we supply are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for 3 years. If a product fails during that time due to a manufacturing defect, even after extensive use, we will repair the product, without charge, or replace it, at our discretion.

This warranty does not cover repairs made or attempted by third parties, damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, the natural breakdown of colors and materials over time and use, and all decoration techniques applied to the product.


Need to Subtly Portray a Multi-Functionality Product?

This multi purpose pen has 6 functions making it of great utility value on anyone’s desk. The Multi Pen incorporates a stylus, 2 rules, a phillips and flat head screwdriver, mobile phone stand, phone screen cleaner and of course a writing pen.

This type of multi functional promotional product is great for subtly (or overtly if you want) portray that your product has multi functionalities.

Promotional products that have functional value generally have a greater use and recall. In fact, research by the Promotional Products Association International found that functionality are one of the top 3 reason people keep promotional products (along with fun and trendy).