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Market to Me

Marketing is always more effective when it is relevant to the target audience; ie; speak in their language, act and play as they do. We all build affinity and trust for people who are “like us”.

I remember many years ago, I was working on an incentive program for a petrochemical company for guys building new plant for an oil refinery. The person in charge from the client end had great taste in promotional merchandise but missed the point of direct relevance to the intended beneficiaries. Items like artisan cheese boards, picnic sets etc just didn’t have the same attraction (incentive) for guys who love their footy, a beer and fishing.

Promotional products that fit well are branded footballs, fishing kits, leatherman multi tools, retail brand sunglasses (Maui Jim, Oakley, Nike etc.), esky, thermos and etc.

When marketing to tradesmen think of what they like and also what is their office space. Mouse mats, desk items may not be so applicable for these guys. On site there is often a lunch shed, this is a great place for promotional products – usually the guys start the day there, come in for “smoko” , lunch and finish the day off there.


Items that fit well in a lunch shed and get used every day are – wall clocks, playing cards, jenga, coffee mugs, wall calendars.

Matthew Bywater

Marketing Strategist
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