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How much can a Gummy Bear?

Interesting fact about Gummy Bears – did you know that when you put them in tap water they expand?  Conversely if you put them in salt water they contract.

While this makes for a great plaything for children, they also make for a good promotional item. When using promotional confectionery you get more value out of well known retail items that are already familiar to your customers.

This is why some of the most popular confectionery items include Gummy Bears, Minties, Fantales, Freckles and Chico’s.

promotional products mascot

Football Season is Nearly Here

Football season is only a few months away and what better way to get into the season then with branded footballs. Putting your logo on branded football is an fun, interactive way of branding and showing relevance to the season.

Promo Ball

Steeden Custom Branded

We offer major brands like Sherrin and Steeden along with generic versions. Full colour printing is also available. Customised footballs make for great sales baits, gifts and brand recognition.

Branded footballs are also great promo’s for corporate events and trade shows.

To customise footballs with branding that last; does take 6-10 weeks, so now is the time to start your order.

Sherrin Branded

Promo Balls