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Beyond Stubby Coolers – Growlers

Stubby Coolers have long been a promotional product favourite due to their cost effectiveness and broad spectrum appeal. Now there are options for the keen beer lover. Beer Growler’s have been growing in popularity over recent years and are now available from the promotional products industry to promote your brand.

4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-1.8-Litre-Beer-Growler1.8 Litre Beer Growler

These 1.8 Litre Growlers are made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel and an attached swing top which offers long-lasting freshness and ensures you’re giving your beer the tender loving care it deserves.

This is an ideal gift any beer lover would appreciate.


Fishing for Clients?

While there are many ways to promote your brand to your customers; one of the best is to be associated with them while they are having fun. Once you know the demographics of your customer base it should be easy to isolate the type of things they do for fun.

4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-Fishing-for-Clients-Fishing-Polo            4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-Fishing-for-Clients-Fishing-Polo-3            4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-Fishing-for-Clients-Fishing-Polo-2

If you look at certain industries, typically “blokey” ones like Mining, Agriculture and many trades; you will find that fishing is a popular pastime amongst your clients. Fishing trips have always been a popular client appreciation event, by using branded promotional products like the ones pictured in this blog you create a team like atmosphere and deliver a long lasting promotion for your brand.

4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-Fishing-for-Clients-Fishing-Cap            4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-Fishing-for-Clients-Fishing-Cap-2            4Promote-Promotional-Products-Blog-Fishing-for-Clients-Fishing-Cap-3


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