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The Milano Executive Tech Travel Wallet

Travelling is fun – especially when you’re on vacation!

But packing up your essential things becomes a hassle when deciding how to carry them all! Work trips are usually last minute, quick and involve lots of running around gathering all the essentials to ensure that you remain in touch, despite being on the Go!

Searching for the right promotional product to promote your business during your trips or meetings?

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The Milano Executive Tech Travel Wallet can keep all of your travel essentials at hand and secured. It holds your mobile phone, cards and other travel accessories with its multiple storage options. This wallet can fit easily into any satchel or handbag.

Getting tired of your phone dying on you during important conversations? Hassled about where you put that charger and where to charge it?  With its own built-in 4,000mAh power charger, the Milano Executive Tech Travel Wallet can juice up your mobile device anywhere you go.

The Milano Executive Tech Travel wallet has an elegant Italian PU finish with a charcoal herringbone pattern perfect for today’s business man / woman. Look smart and impress your business associates and potential clients. Compact and lightweight, easy to carry around because of  its slim-line wrist strap. What more do you need in a wallet?

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This is the ideal promotional product to carry around while promoting your brand with an elegant and smart look.

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