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Marketing with Alignment

It is well understood in modern day marketing that we need to niche right down in order to target smaller groups. The benefit here is that our marketing is more target specific enabling greater impact.

One way to do that with promotional products is to utilise products that symbolise the industry you are selling to. By doing this, you are showing the client that you know them. It is a great way of building rapport while showing that you are relevant in that sector.

Examples displayed here are great for the Auto industries and car enthusiast.


For more ideas on different industries check out our Industry Themes section of the website.

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Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
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Marketing at Corporate Sporting Events


Red Bull Raglan Shirts

Picking the right apparel and headwear material is important when marketing at athletic and corporate sporting  events. Quite often companies will look to keep the costs low on the merchandise thinking that these are a one-off use. This is missing a really strong, long lasting  marketing opportunity.

Selecting the right promotional items and materials will :

1. Make it look like you know what you are doing – ie moisture wick shirts for runners or marathoners. This builds the perception that “hey they know us”.
2. Not abrasive on the wearer – the wrong material can cause skin irritation as the the athlete starts to perspire.
3. Lasts well beyond the event – get a long tail on your branding by selecting a product that the user will want to wear over and over.
4. Create an anchor in the mind of the athlete of a happy time – eg the marathon they ran in, you can add in the event name /date etc on the shirt, cap etc.
5. Great exposure – if you supply a team’s worth of clothing and headwear then you will get great exposure on the day.

4Promote-Sporting -Event-Promotional-Products



Matthew Bywater
Marketing Strategist
For more marketing insight from Matthew check out his blog –