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How to Incentivate Sales

One of the great benefits of using  promotional products is that they often achieve multiple objectives at once. Primarily they are often thought of as a brand awareness item, however they can also be extremely successful for  Incentives to Buy programs (also called Gift for Purchase or Sales Baits). If the item is attractive enough to your target market and the […]

When Packaging Entertains

In previous blogs I have written about ow creative packaging creates value well beyond the extra cost of the packaging itself. Another factor to consider is not just the touch and feel effects of the packaging (ie increased perceived value of the item), but can you actually entertain the customer as the same time? Chipotle have done this with their […]

Why Use Recognised Promotional Suppliers

We often get customers asking us to purchase and brand certain products they find online or in retails stores. We are often quote hesitant to do this for several reasons. Designated Promotional Products are : 1) Manufactured to produce good print area’s so that your message / logo gets maximum exposure 2) Made to be […]